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SILENCE – A Key To Growth & History

To permit the Lord Jesus Christ to live the Christian life through you is summed up in one word.  To experience daily His love and the reality of His presence is summed up in one word.

That one word is SILENCE.  You must be silent in the inner man, on your inside.  Do you know how to keep and maintain your inside zipped?  Your #1 desire and priority must be ‘to be alone and silent in the presence of God’.  You must strive to develop this.  Be mentally tough and ferociously persistent.  Jesus lives inside you and is the source guiding and motivating you toward intimacy with Him.

This is as simple as it is – being alone, intimate, and silent in the presence of God.  He then can reveal the depths of His love to you.  Remember, be gentle and patient.  It will become a way of life, not a formula.  You grow gradually, just like anything else is life.  Just cooperate with the life of Christ in you, that vine producing the fruit.

You do not run off and join a monastery.  This silence becomes incorporated into your daily life, into your daily activities.  God is only training you to “Be still and know He is God.” He quiets your inner man so He can speak and be heard.  Yes, He will speak and speak very actively.  Like a seed, it will grow and flourish in His love.  It grows slowly and patiently because He causes the growth.  God slowly peels off all flesh layers and thorns.  Just rest in His love and be.  Yes, just be, be, and be.

It is an ongoing process.  You must absolutely put yourself into the Word of God with the mindset that I have just shared.  Be mentally tough.  Expect deep revelations of God’s love.  God love becomes more real in your daily life.  Only He can complete His work in you.  Only make yourself restfully available for Him to thoroughly establish His life in you and thoroughly live His life through you.

In fact, you now hear Him gently touching your heart.  Withdraw now into the intimacy of the depths of your heart.  Go in secret, shutting the world out in your mind.  Only Love awaits you.


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4 thoughts on “SILENCE – A Key To Growth & History

  1. This is so true! If we don’t quiet our hearts we can’t hear the Father’s voice to us! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bob. Christ in you is a specific answer to my prayers. Thank you Jesus for healing Bob from depression so that he can minister to myself.

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