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Ministering To Christians Suffering Depression


It’s unfortunate that many in the Body of Christ believe that a Christian should never be depressed. This Is a lie from the pit of hell and must be exposed as such. 

Reality clearly shows that Christians do suffer depression. Some have it a very extreme. (I am one of them, who had depression for over three .) It’s necessary for Christians to know the proper way to minister God’s love to their hurting brethren. This is why I’ve written this blog.

One does not wake up one day and have depression. One grows into depression (often over a long period of time). One, then, needs to grow out of depression. The deep pain one experiences needs to be handled gently and with care. Being sensitive and compassionate is a must for proper care and handling. 

One suffering depression is very fragile and can easily crack. There are certain things not to say to a Christian suffering depression. It’s vital to know these and to avoid using them.

Here are a few words spoken from a Christian suffering depression.:

– I don’t need to keep hearing Romans 8: 28 quoted to me.

– I know God will be glorified through this, but I need help NOW. 

– I need help to function TODAY. 

– I need support, understanding, and prayer from my brethren. 

– I don’t need condemning or insensitive remarks from my brethren.

– Since my mental state is very weak, that’s why I need the prayer, support, and understanding. 

– I don’t need condemning and insensitive comments.

– Our hearts are hurting and deeply broken. They need time to heal.

– We don’t need comments in the Christian lingo that leave us feeling more ashamed, guilty, or condemned. 

(This includes words like Where’s your faith?  Get over it.  You need to pray more.  You need to read your Bible more.  What’s your secret sin?  What’s wrong with you?  Snap out of it.  Rebuke the devil.)

These type of comments can be helpful in the right context. However, when ministering to Christians suffering depression, they are definitely the wrong context.

When ministering, you don’t want to become like Job’s friends. They eventually condemned Job as the cause of the death of his ten children, his business failures, and his sicknesses. 

Instead, you want to share the love of Jesus with them.  Ways to shate can include a loving arm, a hug, a shoulder to cry on, zipped lips, a prayer, and being there without a word being said.

Remember that it’s CHRIST IN YOU doing His work through you to reach those suffering depression.  Rest in His love and be heart-sensitive to those suffering around you.

Jesus wants to touch many broken hearts through you.  Focus on CHRIST IN YOU.  Let the Light and Love of CHRIST IN YOU shine forth to a hurting, sin-sick world. 


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3 thoughts on “Ministering To Christians Suffering Depression

  1. I have volunteered with a Christian counseling center for 20 years. I know this is true – Christians do suffer from depression. One thing we found in many (NOT ALL) cases of depression was a severe deficiency in Vitamin D. Getting a prescription Vitamin D for a few weeks, then taking 5,000 IU every day has worked miracles for many clients in the counseling center. I would encourage you to have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels. The counseling center was in southern California. Even sun lovers can have a deficiency in Vit D. It’s a quick and easy test, and may help you! Blessings to you and yours, Carol

    • I appreciate your information and I know it’s helpful.
      Know though I have not been depressed for 20 years.
      The healing and victory came from God healing my broken heart.

      For most depressed people, it’s the healing heart that will give people Victory Over Depression.
      It only comes through God.
      No amount of nutrition or therapy, as helpful as it is, can heal a broken heart.

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