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Loneliness In The Heart


This is an interesting blog that many need to read and put in the correct perspective.

There come various times in our lives that we experience “Loneliness In The Heart“.  Words themselves cannot fully explain what the experience is like.  IT MUST BE LIVED.

My recent experience grew out of the need of my old self that wanted to be recognized, successful, and appreciated.  Deep down we all want some kind of similar acknowledgment.  It is only a natural desire that all human being have.  For this is the way God has made us.

The need to fill this “Loneliness In The Heart” has become poisoned since the fall of Adam and Eve.  What occurs is we try to fill this loneliness with many an overabundance of different types of experiences – be they be job, family, ministry, drugs, alcohol, gambling, TV, sports, social media, etc.  These are important needs, but they only temporarily fill the heart. Eventually they wear off.

Other times you will feel so alone even though you know God lives in you. God, at times, will hide Himself. Your heart will long for Him, but God will seem a million miles away. You will feel like Job and even Paul, when at times he wanted to die. Hi encouraged though, God is always there.

The deep need that fills the loneliness is ONLY THE PRESENCE OF GOD HIMSELF.  God created our deepest heart needs so that only He totally fulfills it.  So when we are experiencing that loneliness, it is because we are missing out on the relationship God has within us.

So the obvious thing to do is to step away from earthly distractions.  I usually do by putting on worship music that I simply let minister to my heart.  Then, I open the Word of God (Bible) and let that minister to me.  I also withdraw into nature often and enjoy the silence of God’s wonderful creation.

Go within your heart where Jesus resides – CHRIST IN YOU.  Begin experiencing the deep, intimate love God has for your there.  The loneliness gradually subsides and the love of God overwhelms you. This is the natural growth and experience – CHRIST IN YOU.  Ensure you begin to experience the “normal”.

Be encouraged from this blog.  Refer often to it as you sense being distracted by “Loneliness In The Heart”.


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2 thoughts on “Loneliness In The Heart

  1. Quality teaching! The Lord bless you brother Bob.

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