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It’s Gonna Be Alright (Music Video)

May God use this music video from Dennis Jernigan to touch the deepest hearts of the deepest pain you may be going through.
It’s easy to understand why the trials of life can be so overwhelming. So many carry a deep pain in the horse that is difficult to even make it through another day. Many even have a difficulty trusting God in the mist of everything.

However, it is important to know that God loves you no matter what. His love for you is based on what Jesus did on the cross and rising from the dead.

Does Jesus live in you? If yes, then He wants to heal the deepest pain of your broken heart. He wants you to let go so he can do that healing.

Yes, let go more of the deep pain, of the deep trials you are experiencing. Come daily to the foot of the cross and pour your heart out to Jesus. For Jesus, living in you, well then pour out His love deeper into you.

With CHRIST IN YOU, I pray you can begin to see more clearly every trial and every pain through God’s eyes. God has not forgotten you. He will not leave you where you are at. He has a higher purpose. Your surrendering all the deep hurt, no matter how painful it is, permits God to heal your broken heart quicker.

“For anyone who needs to know God is still in control….even when life says otherwise.”
– Dennis Jernigan

May God use this video to reach everyone.  So many are hurting and suffering tremendously.
Please share it with anyone you believe needs it.

Here is the link to the video.


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