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IDENTITY – The Christ In You


One of the biggest guarantees for a Christian’s daily victory is knowing his identity – who God says you are.

We are all born into this world with a human identity.  We are the child of our parents.  As we grow, the ways of the world & what we do define who we are.  Additional identities are added.  We become students, friends of others, know ourselves to be a cousin, grandchild, aunt, uncle, etc.  More identities are added years later – college student, occupation, husband/wife, alcoholic, depressed, etc.  We even learn we are born into this world as sinners, without the presence of God in us.

What is important to remember is that every identity the world gives you is only temporary.  One day you will become an “ex” identity.  For example, one day Lebron James will be an ex-NBA basketball professional.

Think about it: Who wants to have an identity as an “EX?”  Very unattractive it is.

Who or what we place our dependence and hope on defines who we are.

That’s why it’s important and invaluable to have an identity that will last forever.  That’s where God comes in.  God gives you an identity as His child.  You are a son/daughter of the King.

Do you think your identity as a child of God is temporary?  I hope not.

Your identity as a child of God is based on what Jesus did, neither how you feel nor what you do.  One can NEVER become an ex-child of God.

God guarantees your identity as eternal because of Who lives in you – CHRIST IN YOU.

When God the Father sees you, He ONLY sees Jesus in you.  Jesus dealt with all your sins and consequences on the cross.  He crucified them & left them buried in His tomb when He rose from the dead.  He then took up residence in you when you chose Him as Savior & Lord.  He made you a child of God.

Since you are now a child of God, God wants you to walk that way.  Ephesians 5:8 You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord, so live your life as children of light.

If you are now a child of God, why do you want to walk in sin?  Makes no sense.  Should a butterfly go back to live like a worm caterpillar?  Makes no sense.  You can do it and enjoy the pleasures of your sin choice.  However, you know the pleasure is very temporary and a big void of guilt & emptiness comes over you.  That’s the Holy Spirit convicting you to repent and turn back to God – and continue walking again as a child of God.  That is what occurred to the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.

Total joy and satisfaction only comes from God.  To walk in an identity of sin makes no sense for a child of God.  When you have joy & satisfaction as a child of God, sin loses its appeal.  You begin to realize that sin is just stupid to be a part of.  You may relapse/backslide.  However, you are growing in your maturity in Christ.  Christ In You is becoming more real every day.  With Christ In You, your recovery comes quicker each time.

CHRIST IN YOU is your Key to Daily Victory.

Christ In you is one identity that will neither disappear nor cease.  Jesus lives in you and will never leave nor forsake you.  Jesus guarantees it.  I encourage you to consistently see Christ In You in everything you do.  Christ In You will take over your life one day at a time, one step at a time.

If you are a teacher, Christ In You is the teacher.If you are a parent, Christ In You is the parent.If you are an executive, Christ In You is the executive.If you are a pastor, Christ In You is the pastor.If you are a taxi driver, Christ In You is the taxi driver.If you are a doctor, Christ In You is the doctor.If you are a college student, Christ In You is the college student.If you are an unemployed worker, Christ In You is the unemployed worker.As a Christian, ONLY Christ In You is the Christian.

You can see the difference with life when you let Jesus live the Christian life through you.

Now one cannot be, for example, a Christian and an alcoholic.  That is two identities.  One is either an alcoholic trying to be a Christian or a Christian struggling with alcoholism.  One cannot be both.  That is inconsistent in God’s eyes.  If one is an alcoholic, go ahead and drink.  That is what the identity of an alcoholic does.  And don’t complain about the hangovers or the destruction of lives (especially of your family) that your drinking causes.  However if you are a child of God, drinking alcohol is inconsistent with who you now are.  That’s why it makes no sense and is not attractive.  It is a way the world try to identify you.

I pray the reality of CHRIST IN YOU is taking deeper roots.

Jesus In You is your permanent identity as a child of God. 

Remember also, Satan is petrified of Jesus In You and will do anything to distract your attention from tapping into the riches of this Wealth in you.  Satan will try to tempt you in many ways, especially trying to get you to see your old identity.

Keep walking as a child of the King, a child of light.  You were once something else.  Now you are a child of God.  Ephesians 5:8 You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord, so live your life as children of light.

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