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I appreciate reading articles and any material on depression.  They usually reveal helpful information.  It’s always wise to keep learning. 

However, being a victim myself of 30+ years of depression and now experiencing Victory Over Depression, I pray that more would address the real problem that many suffering depression need.  What many need is The Healing Of A Broken Heart.

The Healing Of A Broken Heart, definitely, is the solution for many who suffer depression.

How does God heal the broken heart?  He gives us a brand new heart, His very own – Who is CHRIST IN YOU.  When God the Father sees you, He sees His Son JESUS IN YOU.  He desires us to consistently see the same everyday.

Having Victory Over Depression is why I will always testify and share that CHRIST IN YOU Is Who provides you the total, daily Victory Over Depression.

JESUS IN YOU is now your new life.
JESUS IN YOU is the Christian life.
JESUS IN YOU ONLY can live the Christian life through you.
This is why seeing that JESUS IN YOU Is how your broken heart is healed.
God does not simply change your old heart. 
He gives you a brand new one.
Keep seeing JESUS IN YOU.

I am a living witness of this CHRIST IN ME victory for 20 years.
I am also grateful for the ministry God has entrusted me with – Victory Over Depression.

Victory Over Depression – VOD Ministries
– a Bible-based program for Victory Over Depression
– available for speaking events (no charge)
Contact me.
– 718-324-1757 or email
(Robert Bennett)


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