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Outside “I’m Fine” Or Inside “Save Me” (A Look At Depression)

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I was recently move by this picture.  It shows the tattoo of a young lady (Bekah Miles) suffering with depression.  Looking at the tattoo, it reads “I’m Fine”.  However, if you read it through the young lady’s eyes, it says “Save me”.

Bekah Miles is trying to send a message of help for her depression, but she is probably too ashamed to openly ask or help.  She is sending mixed messages about her depression.  She is hoping people, like you and me, can see through her “I’m Fine” facade and see her real message “Save Me” crying out for help.

Her message, as sad as it may be, actually is a very helpful message that raises awareness of how severe depression negatively affects one’s life.  This is the purpose of my blog to see past the “I’m Fine” facade and see the deep pain those with depression struggle with.  Then, we want to help them in healthy an healing ways.  We want to specifically emphasize the role of the church to help meet their needs.

When I started sharing the pain and struggles of depression I had as a Christian, I wished so much there was even one person who really understood depression.  It was painful having depression for decades. Often, like most with depression, I learned to suffer quietly in shame.  For the more I shared about my depression, the more ashamed I became for having it.  The response from many Christians made me feel more guilty and ashamed.  The pain in my heart was very deep.

As a church, we want to understand and accept the deep pain of depression that many go through.  That’s why I’m writing this blog to show Victory Over Depression through a relationship with JESUS CHRIST IN YOU.

God definitely wants His Christian children to be humble and look through to the heart of each person suffering depression.  God wants His children to see each person through His eyes of love.  God looks past all the facades that are put up.  God sees all the pain those with depression go through.  Only God, through Jesus Christ, can wholly heal depression and the deep pain of a broken heart.

I share this to encourage both anyone suffering depression and anyone wanting to understand and help anyone suffering depression.  I can connect with many because I have lived both sides.  I had depression for 30+ years (17 years as a Christian).  For the last 19 years, I have been walking in Victory Over Depression (VOD).  The victory occurred (and continues to occur) by permitting JESUS IN ME to heal my broken heart.

I now see JESUS IN ME more than ever everyday.  JESUS IN ME is my new life.  I can now see better past the facade that people with depression put up.  I pray they see CHRIST IN ME so Jesus can heal their broken heart.

How about you?  How real is CHRIST IN YOU in your everyday life?  How consistently do you daily see CHRIST IN YOU?

If you have depression, God wants you to see Jesus as your total healing and victory.  If you are not a Christian, I pray you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and invite Him to come live in you.  That’s how He will heal your broken heart.  If you are a Christian, you must see more of CHRIST IN YOU everyday.  May CHRIST IN YOU be more real in your everyday life and overwhelm you with His love.

May you also see the heart of those suffering depression.  May you see the real message of “Save Me” instead of “I’m Fine”.  Jesus in you wants to reach many through you.  Always remember those suffering depression and pray or them.

Continue to be encourage.  God is and will do a great work of healing and victory in you.

Keep looking at CHRIST IN YOU.

How To Have Victory Over Depression.
Victory Over Depression – VOD Ministries
– a Bible-based program for Victory Over Depression
– available for speaking events (no charge)
– 718-324-1757 or email
(Robert Bennett)


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2 thoughts on “Outside “I’m Fine” Or Inside “Save Me” (A Look At Depression)

  1. I would like to read in this blog as well as for help myself, I have things so bad and it would be nice to talk to someone through God to help me please

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