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DEPRESSION (A Wrong Christian Perspective)


Lately, I have been reading and observing more about a Christian perspective on Depression.   I am observing how the Christian Church should treat and minister to those suffering depression, especially Christians suffering.

I find most of what I read and observe as “shallow”.  Most only talk about depression in general terms (even if biblically correct) and what should be done with depression ” theologically”. 

This attitude shows many in the church are out of touch with the personal care and help that people with depression need. They often miss the heart to heart connections that God wants. 

It shows that many in the church have no idea of the severity of depression and the suffering one goes through having it.  It also shows they are not prepared to deal with the many who will soon be revealed to have depression, be suicidal, etc.  

Fortunately though, there are many effective programs and outreach plans that the church does involving Depression/mental illness. I also see more acceptance of Christians with depression and the church’s attempts to address more the heart needs of those affected.

The real work of the church is to be out there on the front lines of depression. I do pray CHRIST IN ME can live through me effectively in this area to reach many broken hearts. 

After having depression for over 36 years, I know the true, genuine victory over depression is CHRIST IN YOU, CHRIST IN THE CHRISTIAN.

Seeing the New You – Christ In You – is how the Holy Spirit begins to do his healing, His work, and His victory.

This is also why God has raised up, through, CHRIST IN YOU, Victory Over Depression – VOD Ministries.

How To Have Victory Over Depression.
Victory Over Depression – VOD Ministries
– a Bible-based program for Victory Over Depression
– available for speaking events (no charge)
– 718-324-1757 or email
(Robert Bennett)


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One thought on “DEPRESSION (A Wrong Christian Perspective)

  1. Evelyn DeFreitas on said:

    My heart longs for the church to get it right on this very serious subject. Keep ministering on depression & Christ In You in…the hope of glory.

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