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It’s ONLY JESUS Activity In You Lived Through You

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I am writing to strongly encourage you in the Lord.  Know that you literally are a new person in spirit.  Jesus Christ Himself resides within you right now in the person of the Holy Spirit.

You are perfect in His sight.  This perfection is based on identity, not behavior.  It is 100% grace.  It totally involved Jesus’ finished work –

  • His death on Calvary – His shed blood to forgive your sins.
  • His resurrection from the dead – His life blood flowing through you for new life.  (“The life is in the blood.”)

The Holy Spirit continues to desire to renew your mind so you can only see life through God’s eyes.  He desires to draw you away to Himself into intimacy so He can reveal the very depths of His personal love, just for you.

Jesus wants you to rest in this love.  (It is not a passive rest.  It is a rest from your activity because it now becomes His activity released through you.)

This is to be your focus.  The Christian life is 100% Christ living through us.  He desires to take over every area of your life.  This we learn daily by renewing our minds.

Don’t focus too much on your sin, your flesh, and Satan.  Just be aware that they are present.

FOCUS CONSISTENTLY that the victory is already yours.  It was won at Calvary.  It is walked out DAILY by being totally dependent on Christ living in you and through you.  If God only sees Jesus (your new nature) when He sees you, He wants to train your mind to see the same.

Satan certainly sees Jesus in you.  He wants to train your mind to only see your old nature and your circumstances.  Don’t give him an inch.  Rest in the Lord’s love.  The Lord will fight your battle.  You just rest and let that love flow through you naturally.


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One thought on “It’s ONLY JESUS Activity In You Lived Through You

  1. That really something to think about and God is so real to me and I thank you for opening my mind up for more spiritual things and I thank you brother once again cuz this enlighten me to see him because that’s what people see when they see me and I thank God for this is truly truly a confirmation because attest happened today and it started at work and here it goes. My coworker wanted to show me something on his phone and it was a girl that had almost nothing on and everybody else seen the picture on the phone but I told him I can’t see that because it’s going to put pictures into my mind and I thank God that I didn’t look at it because that was a test for me because in Jesus I am overcomer of naked girls and the ones that try to sell their body on the Internet and that’s the same thing so I thank God for him being inside of me thanks Jesus once again because I overcame today because of the Holy Spirit being inside of me and I thank God that of course is going to be a whole lot more test like that and I believe with God I can make it and I will win so please pray for me as I pray for you, I think you brother and peace be with you in Jesus name! Amen

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