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During my decades of a Christian suffering depression, I was often prayed over and “prophesied” that the depression was gone and I was healed.  I believed it by faith and took it from there.

As I look back, I know the depression was NOT gone.  For my broken heart was not healed.

There is absolutely no problem about being prayed for depression you have, to believe it by faith that you are healed.  My experience has now taught me a significant difference.

The many who prayed or prophesied did not have the full understanding that God must heal a broken heart.  For most people with depression, the healing that God does is often NOT instantaneous. Though God certainly could heal instantly, but instead God grows one through depression to victory.
God grows and heals gently and tenderly the deep pain of a broken heart.  That’s why growth as a Christian is necessary as God heals the broken heart.  This growth and healing takes time (God’s time) and includes prayer, Bible reading and meditation, praise and worship, fasting, being involved in a Bible-centered church, fellowship, etc.

Of course, the greatest healing for sure that I have personally experienced and always advocate is CHRIST IN YOU.

See CHRIST IN YOU living.  See CHRIST IN YOU as your new life.  Experience daily CHRIST IN YOU. 

Then just watch the Victory Over Depression and Healing Of A Broken Heart that CHRIST IN YOU will provide.


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  1. Good yo see you is defeating a broken heart and depression. God bless you abundantly in Jesus.

  2. Awesome teachings God bless you brother Bob.

  3. richardhicks50 on said:

    What do you believe about taking medicine for depression and other mental issues?

    • I believe one should use whatever means possible for their recovery.

      God uses all ways for the WHOLE healing.
      That would include medication, therapy, etc.
      One must wisely use medication.
      It should be closely monitored, and with the perspective to help one get better.
      One should never use medication to cover a broken heart, which can lead to dependence on it.

      For me, a relationship with God must always come first.

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