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Experiencing Christ In You

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This is the joy of experiencing Jesus Christ in you, living His life through you.
Imagine having every part of your body, mind, and heart to be Jesus’ body, mind, and heart.
Experiencing Jesus Christ in you becomes the most fulfilling experience to encounter every day.  People will come across your path and see Jesus in you.

What else could be more exciting?  Nothing.

I keep praying to experience more of the heart of Jesus in me to LOVE people the way Jesus loves them.  I could never do that on my own.  May I continue to rest in His love, dependent on Jesus for everything.  He will then be able to live His life through me – and to love people the ONLY way Jesus can love them.

Do you see the same possibility for you?  God has no favoritism.  We always grow to these levels, but we must have open hearts so the Holy Spirit can clean out the sin in us.  Christ in you will then be easier to grow in you and live through you.

Don’t sell yourself short of experiencing the reality of JESUS IN YOU living 24/7.  Jesus has no intention of leaving.  He only desires to grow you deeper in His love through intimacy.

The reality of CHRIST IN ME has provided Victory Over Depression for the last 16 years.  I continue to be so awestruck as Christ continues to grow in me, despite my persistent sinning & insecurity.  Jesus continues to teach me humility & to be dependent on Him every day.

The key is to focus on CHRIST IN YOU, as often as possible every day.  Jesus does restore to a higher level than ever.

May your experience of Christ In You continue to grow more than every.

May you experience Christ In You in every part of your being, as stated at the top of this blog.


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2 thoughts on “Experiencing Christ In You

  1. margie rodriguez on said:

    I have been depressed all my life since I can remember but now that I’m 59 it seems to have gotten worse. I have believed in God all my life but lately i feel as if my life is slipping away. I have gone through so many hardships losing my home to a fire when I was 4 yrs old and losing it again in 2012. And I still believe that this is what God wants for me. However sometimes I feel so useless that my life is going nowhere. Pleas pray for me that Jesus sends me his grace so that I can understand why I get so sad.

    • The one consistency with life is that God always is with us. He never neglects us. Otherwise He would never be God and Jesus would have died for nothing. So be encouraged. My entire word is always looking at CHRIST IN YOU living and alive. There is where, for many, healing and victory lie.

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