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A Daily, Critical Decision To Make

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There is a very critical decision you must make daily.  I have shared an abundance of life-changing and life-transforming information.  This information is definitely the key to your victorious living in Christ.  After all, there is only one key – Jesus Christ.


The decision you must now make is: “How will you live the remainder of your earthly life in Christ?” You will live your Christian life either as:

1. Spiritually alive in Christ with the fruit of His love as evidence that He is truly alive as God in you or

2. Spiritually alive in Christ, but still living as though you are spiritually dead.  (Your Christian life may appear fruitful on the outside.  However, within yourself, you know you feel like “death.”  You feel lifeless, dried up, and out of gas.  You are a wilderness Christian.)

Reflect in prayer what your choice will be.  You will basically either “get busy living” or “get busy dying.” Yes, life does go on – even your Christian life.  Therefore, how will you choose to live your life in Christ?  Will you permit Jesus to live through you so you will truly be alive?  Or will you permit your flesh and the devil to influence your life and actions?  The latter choice truly reflects death as your lifestyle.  You must make this choice – now and everyday.

The wise choice is definitely the road to Calvary.  It is the road Jesus chose when He lived on earth as a man.  Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Few Christians choose this road because few permit Jesus to truly be Lord over many areas of their life.  Few choose this road because it is a very painful road.  You must always remember that Calvary symbolizes death. This is why it is very painful.  When you choose to follow Jesus, guess where He leads you?  He will not lead you around His cross at Calvary.  Instead, He will take you through it.

The main part of death that Jesus is crucifying through you is your flesh.  It is your daily crucifixion to your old way of thinking.  Jesus is removing the weeds and thorns within you that have shut down His love in you.  Your death to self is a very productive death. You must see it this way.  His resurrected love is about to shine through you.  To be alive in Christ means to die daily to flesh so the resurrected life of Christ becomes real, evident, and deeply rooted into your daily life.

Philippians 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Remember: only His love is to be your primary reason and motive for living.  You must clearly see your flesh as dead so His love truly becomes pure and evident as your new nature.  You can never absorb enough of His love.

To really “get busy living,” you must spend as much intimate time as possible with the Lord.  You must come into His presence in silence.  Train yourself to become quiet within your heart.  This is where your Lord resides.  This is where your Lord speaks to you how deeply He loves you.

Yes, more than anything else the Lord wants to tell you everyday that He loves you.  He desires you to become so convinced that He loves you so much.  Neither how much you mess up nor how much you sin will cause this special love He has for you to change.  You must absorb this love in silence.

Think about it.  Can all the things summed up in your entire life even come close to experiencing daily how much Jesus personally loves you?  This is a very significant part of making Jesus’ love overwhelm your life.  This is how Jesus gets you “busy living” in Him.  His life takes over your life because you consistently absorb His love.

Only His personal love becomes deeply absorbed and deeply rooted in you, you will begin to understand the following:

  • Jesus Christ died for you then so He could live in you now.
  • Jesus desires you to be a visible, living representation of the invisible, living God in you, everyday of your life.
  • Jesus only wants everyone you encounter to only see Himself as God in you.  They are to see Jesus as God living through you.

You do not deserve the gift of Jesus Christ.  Neither do I.  You become worthy of it because of the finished work of Jesus on His Calvary cross.  He became a substitute for your death due to sin.  However, He crucified it forever and, then, rose victoriously over sin and death.  Because He is God, death and sin could never kill Him.  Through His resurrection, He has now planted the very life of Himself as the Holy Spirit in you.  This is what becoming born again truly means.  This now is you.  (If you are not born again in Christ, you must make the choice to receive Him.  He is a free gift for you.  You either accept Him or reject Him.  Do you want to make this choice?)

This is how much Jesus loves you.  Never lose sight or focus of this.  It is totally due only to God’s grace.  Focus on His grace often as you reflect on the final and finished work of Christ’s death and resurrection – personally just for you.  Yes, make it very personal.

GRACE is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.  Magnify His grace more in your life.  Pray with your heart to Jesus to:

  • know Him more intimately, and
  • appreciate His grace for dying on the cross and for rising from the dead – all for you.



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