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Easily Seeing CHRIST IN Alabama


I have just returned from a Victory Over Depression speaking engagement in Opelika, Alabama. The experience was beyond my wildest expectations.

From my own personal experience with decades of depression, I have experienced personal victory through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, specifically Jesus Christ LIVING IN ME.  The message “Christ in you” is the primary message I share to hurting and depressed people. I’ve seen more people have broken hearts healed through an intimate relationship with “Christ in them” than any other way God uses.

My four day stay in Alabama was with Harvest Evangelism (, a Christian ministry helping and housing those recovering from abuse and addiction. Many of the residents are young adults. Some have young children in residence also.

It’s so easy as a Christian to forget what it is like being at the “bottom at the barrel.” One can grow spiritually and theologically, and easily miss the “heart” needs of people. Fortunately, Jesus never does forget.

This was the awesome, humbling experience I had while speaking and personally getting to know the young residents. Despite major failures and breakdowns, they have a passionate, deep love for God and a strong desire to be an “Overcomer.”

That’s why I easily see “Christ in them.” An open heart to love God and people, and to overcome the deepest trials and hurts easily makes Jesus seen in the Christian.

This experience is the strongest motivation I have to go forward with my life as “Christ in me” becomes my primary focus. It is Jesus in me living His life through me.

I see “Christ in” the residents and staff of Hosanna Home and His House. Christ in the Christians of Hosanna Home and His House is very alive. I continue to pray for them every day. I know confidently the more they focus daily on “Christ in you” the more daily will they experience the victorious, joyful Christian life. God will heal many broken hearts.  For it will be very easy for Jesus to live His life through the residents.

There will be setbacks, but “Christ in them” will raise them back up. For God unconditionally loves them all and accepts them as they are. Each resident is uniquely loved as the apple of God’s eyes.

Christ In Hosanna Home


Christ In His Place

shall shine forth.

Pastor Rick, thank you for sharing “Christ in you” to my heart.


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