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The Great Cure For Depression


My experience having depression, helping others, and observing how others (including Christians) help those who currently have depression have given me invaluable insight in dealing with depression.

I personally had depression for a good 30 years – 17 of them as a born again Christian.  For the last 18 years, I have been walking victoriously over depression.  Over the last 40+ years, I have witnessed much of how people with depression search for healing and how Christians try to help them.  As good as their intentions are to help, many fall very short of providing total healing and victory. 

Praying, fasting, reading the Word of God, resting, medication, counseling/therapy, etc. are very good treatments for depression.  However, one thing falls short for many hoping to be healed of depression. 

The one limitation from consistent victory is many are still walking around (some for decades) with deep pains of a broken heart.  This is what occurred to me for 17 years as a Christian.

For the last 18 years, the victory over depression became my greatest cure.. The great cure is one person in three words – CHRIST IN YOU.

CHRIST IN YOU is the Great Cure for Depression.

CHRIST IN YOU heals the broken heart because Christ In You gives you a brand new heart – the very heart of God Himself.  This is the total victory and healing so many need and miss in their searching for victory over depression.

If you are a Christian with depression, I encourage you to focus more on CHRIST IN YOU literally alive and living in you.  Your new life is Jesus Christ in you.  When you consistently see Christ In You, Jesus begins healing quicker your broken heart. 

Jesus already crucified depression, buried it in His tomb, and left it buried when He rose from the dead.  In God’s eyes, CHRIST IN YOU is alive.  Depression is dead. 

In God eyes, CHRIST IN YOU is alive.
Depression is dead.

So if you keep looking at “dead” depression, God cannot help you.  God looks at life – specifically His Son Jesus alive in you.  God desires you to see the same consistently. 

CHRIST IN YOU is the key that led to my victory and the great cure for depression.  Jesus in me lives His life through me.  Jesus is the Christian life.  I rest in Jesus’ love, focus on Jesus in me, and Jesus easily and naturally lives His life through me. 

I rest in Jesus’ love, focus on Jesus in me, and Jesus easily and naturally lives His life through me. 

The victory takes time because the healing of a broken heart takes time.  You cannot rush the healing God wants to do in you.  God must do it in His time.  I assure you that if you everyday make CHRIST IN YOU your foundation, the healing and victory comes quicker. 

With Christ In You as your foundation, all the current treatments you do (praying, fasting, reading the Word of God, resting, medication, counseling/therapy, etc.) help the healing and victory occur sooner.

Be encouraged and embrace CHRIST IN YOU everyday. 

CHRIST IN YOU is the great cure for the depression you have.



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18 thoughts on “The Great Cure For Depression

  1. AMEN! Great post! I struggle from depression and anxiety but since becoming a Christian I am on a mission to ‘Renew & Reclaim My Life In Christ – and I started a blog to share that journey with others 🙂

    God bless you!

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

    • That’s great to hear, Jennifer, of the healing, growth, and victory God is providing.
      Yes, He is finishing His work in you.
      You are more than welcome to post your blog on mine. There are so many hurting people that need to see our transparency.

      I pray God continue to touch your deepest depths and the reality of Jesus living in you 24/7 just overwhelm you more with Him love.
      Thanks for sharing. You are welcome.

  2. Thank you for your ministry. The Lord set me free from depression and anxiety sometime in 2002 and lived a victorious life for almost ten yrs. I have been struggling lately and any counsel is welcome to help me back to the victorious life.

    • That’s great to hear, Simon.
      Yes, the victory needs to be maintained eery day. It is done one day at a time.

      May I encourage you to remember that The Victorious Life is Jesus Christ Himself.
      Specifically, as you see I always mention, it is CHRIST IN YOU Who is your victory.
      Keep your focus on Him as you go forward.

      I’m grateful my blog is helpful.
      I frequently write about Christ in you as victory.
      Keep reading them.
      God bless.

  3. My life experiences echoes yours in so many ways. I felt ashamed that I knew the Lord and still suffered with depression. Of course, I had no idea I had childhood trauma and layers of stuff I needed to be freed from. When the love of Jesus pierced my spirit – during a vulnerable moment with Him – it freed me from the bondage of the old stuff. But I had to acknowledge what was going on. I had to release it to Him. I had to know what I was being set free from. That was key to my healing.

    So happy for you, my friend. I want so much to share the freedom I have in Christ. It’s not cliché, but it sounds like it. And I want to do everything I can to make it real and relatable to others.

    • Lori, you are so right on with what you shared.
      It a deep touch of the heart that the Holy Spirit gives you.
      It is also a deep healing that is done in God’s timing.
      As that deep healing occurs, that permits the life of Christ to live through you to touch the hearts of so many hurting and depressed.

      And yes, honesty, transparency, and humility are a big part of the healing. As you said, acceptance and acknowledgement. Amen.

      Yes, we both relate well to this deep pain and the road to recovery. We are always at different levels, but the love of God is the same. So is the reality of Christ living in us the same. He is Who makes all the difference.

      Keep that growth. It encourages me seeing Christ in you.
      May prayers as He continues to finish His great work in you.

  4. I have been rejected since birth by first my mother & now my siblings who constantly quote the bible on Facebook. Their behavior is opposite from their word. I don’t claim perfection in word nor advertise my deeds that God calls upon me to do. I question my value in this life…am I failing God ? I feel such pain from the rejection…am I unworthy of love?

    • RIta, thank you for sharing and being so transparent.
      I’m sorry for your experience with family.

      I assure you, from someone is had decades of depression, that
      (1) Your value is HIGH in God’s eyes. You are not failing Him. God wants you to reach out to Him so He can heal your broken heart.
      (2) The pain is understandable. The deep pain of a broken heart can only be healed and restored by God. So, YES, you are worthy of love.

      Remember that God’s ways are not man’s ways. Man’s ways are very misleading, even when representing God. That’s why God wants to touch you personally Himself and heal your pain and your broken heart.

      Be encouraged. I have been working victoriously for 18 years, but it still is painful. It is a growth process – one day at a time.
      I encourage you to keep looking at JESUS CHRIST.
      See Christ living in you. If He does not live in you, invite Him to come live in you.
      Jesus is Who heals the broken heart.

      Also, keep reading my blogs. They have helped many.
      God bless.

  5. This is great. I have also been set free from severe depression and anxiety, I would only sleep three hours a night. I have had about ten ministry sessions, I have had a lot of inner healing and cleansing. It took me 18 months to get over. I also had to accept I won’t feel happy all the time it’s normal to feel flat some days. A prophet once told me that I would one day help a lot of people struggling with depression. He also said that god would train me. Now every third client I get at work has depression or bipolar, how do I bring this subject up with these people who are all non Christians? When is it too early to bring this up and if I know someone how do I bring it up? I feel so awkward to bring this up and I don’t want to push my beliefs on someone.

    • That is fantastic, Jane.
      May Christ in you continue to heal the deep depths of your heart and then direct His life through you as He ministers to other hurting hearts.
      That’s what He has now done for me also.
      I’m trying to learn the same thing. I simply try to simply point people to Jesus.

      Remember only the Holy Spirit can convict nonChristians. We are simply to share our heart. Jesus will draw them.
      I’ll be praying for you as God leads you forward.

  6. Depression is caused by a wide range of issues. A chemical imbalance in the brain helps cause it. Stress is another major factor in depression. Daily life brings stress, period. Depression does not play favorites. It’s a disease for rich people and for poor people. All the types of depression have similar symptoms. Dramatic shifts in personality and up and down mood swings are some. The advent of sleeplessness is another sign of depression. Helpless feelings or feelings that the future holds no hope are signs. When everyday life becomes a chore, that’s depression. But the depression afflicted has hope.

    • You bring attention to many excellent points about depression, both symptoms and causes.

      I would add one additional one which I personally experienced.
      I believe most have depression as a result of not having a broken heart healed.
      Often this goes all the way back to childhood. One, for whatever reason, never learned how to handle stressful things. So they grow up with an inferior complex of a broken, wounded heart 8 which can easily lead to depression.

  7. This is absolutely great and uplifting. Thank u for sharing this information.

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