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Are You A Friend Of Job Or A Friend Of Jesus?


I’ve seen many Christians with depression who are told “snap out of it” and “pray yourself out of it.”  These approaches are sincere, but they lack the sensitivity that is needed to touch the heart of the depressed. 

Well-meaning words given at the wrong time can actually be adversarial and cause a deeper pain.

One thing I’ve learned is people overwhelmed with hurting, broken hearts do NOT need a theological explanation as to why they are this way.  Instead, they NEED loving, caring, non-judgmental friends to be there at their side – to pray, to comfort, to encourage, to fellowship, to just sit there with them and not saw one word.  They NEED to know how much God loves them in spite of their mess.

The story of Job’s sufferings is a perfect example of this.

Job was a man after God’s heart. However, God wanted to be glorified more in Job’s life.  So God permitted Satan to tempt Job causing the following tragedies:

  1. His business (all livestock and cattle) is lost.
  2. All ten of his children died suddenly.
  3. Job is stricken head to toe with repugnant, physical illnesses (boils and sores.)

Too many broken people are put under enormous, unnecessary guilt. This is one of the biggest scandals of the modern church. The church becomes a shooting range instead of a safe place to heal and find Jesus. The church becomes known for shooting its own wounded. Thank God for those churches who do minister only Jesus to others.

This is the character that was displayed in Job’s three friends – Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar.  According to them, seven days of grief for Job was enough. Job cursing the day of his birth was enough for them. They could not wait to pounce on Job with their tirades.
Job’s friends unloaded on him. Satan always enjoys unloading on us during our sufferings. Well-intentioned Christian friends will frequently have a personal word from God for us during our trials. You usually wind up feeling more condemned than encouraged, since it is actually not a word from the Lord at all. It is a direct satanic attack. The Christian friends’ immaturity will show them most times to be wrong.
Jesus never does this to us. Jesus always comforts, encourages, and restores us. Jesus treats each of us as the most important person in His eyes. Jesus, as God in human form, has experienced all sufferings and grief. He clearly understands and is always the best of friends.

This world is sin-sick and hurting. What the world needs more than anything is the love of God. God displays His intimate love to people mostly through His children. For God to successfully do this, He must train His children to exhibit His character in trails, tribulations, and sufferings.  This is what God does for us.

The deeper the brokenness, the deeper is God glorified in one’s life.

May we be A Friend Of Jesus to the hurting and depressed.


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3 thoughts on “Are You A Friend Of Job Or A Friend Of Jesus?

  1. I was very depressed too.parent lost his job,I’m a pauper at medical college,I am very odd to everyone because no one knows my destituted situation and added to this,I was insulted and provoked by the filthy words that my father used to scold me and ridicule me for being sad.I realized it was devil’s way of making me sin further and cause further guilt in me leading me away from God and dragging me further into depression and sin.He also lied that God made my life miserable(fired my parent’s job,made me a laughing stock etc).I now take refuge in jesus and I’m out of my once miserable state.

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