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What is “Normal Christian Living?


Very Simple.  CHRIST IN YOU is Normal Christian Living.

I say confidently that many Christians struggle and burn out in their Christian walk because they fail to understand the significance of Jesus living in them every moment of every day.  I know because this is what occurred to me for many years.

If Jesus came to give us abundant life, why do so many Christians sweat and struggle?  If Jesus said rivers of living water would flow from us, why do so many Christians look like death and dry as the desert? You wind up with “Abnormal Christian Living.”

Perhaps this may be you to some extent. What is the solution?  Again it is a very simple solution.  ONLY JESUS CAN LIVE THE CHRISTIAN LIFE THROUGH THE CHRISTIAN BECAUSE JESUS IS THE CHRISTIAN LIFE.

You see I experienced for 17 years what many Christians still do today. 

As Christians, we know that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ.  So we accept His sacrifice in our place and become born again.  The problem then occurs in how the Christian life is lived.  We are sincere in our approach, but the majority of Christian mindsets in that I must serve the Lord.  Now it is a “must” to serve the Lord, but many serve the Lord with the wrong motives.  Otherwise, there would be no struggles and burn out.

I gave my best 17 years for Jesus and burnt out.  I memorized many Bible verses and was involved in many church ministries.  I did all the right things the church expects Christians to do.  Yet, my fruit was as dry as the desert and as dead as bones.  It exposed my severe depression badly.

I needed my broken heart healed.  (I know many of you reading this need the same.  So read on.)

Fortunately in 1996, I found the solution though I always had it.  It is JESUS IN ME LIVING HIS LIFE THROUGH ME. 

Think about it: JESUS IN YOU.  That is Whom the Father sees.  The Father sees His Son in us.  He wants to renew our mind to see consistently the same.  No wonder Paul calls Christ In You the mystery of the gospel.

It is the Resurrected Life of Jesus we must appropriate by faith daily.  We must let Jesus live His life through us.  That is Normal Christian Living.  As the apostle Paul says “It Is No Longer I Who Live, But Christ Who Lives In Me.”  We literally visualize Jesus living in us 24/7.  Then, we can be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to how to handle every situation. We rest in God’s love and let Him produce His fruit and results through us.

Most importantly, the joy of the Christian life comes blooming forth, comes flowing out – the abundant life and rivers of living water.  I guarantee it because Jesus lives in me.  May you only see Jesus in me.

I write many blogs about the significance of CHRIST IN YOU.  There is nothing but freedom, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  So stay tuned and stay focused on Christ In You – Normal Christian Living.


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