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BE PATIENT As God Heals Your Broken Heart


I want to encourage you to be patient as God heals your broken heart and provides you the Victory Over Depression/Mental Illness that you need.  This is important because it MUST be done God’s Way, God’s Time, and for God’s Glory.  God will leave no doubts.

We frequently, though, want it now.  It’s not wrong to want it now.  However, there is definitely a major difference between our time and God’s timing.  We will never fully understand why, but reality does show this to be true. 

One thing for sure God wants is to grow us deeper into a love relationship with Him.  This involves deep, intimate heart-to-heart relationship.  One reason for God’s timing is to heal that broken heart.  We know a heart broken does not occur one day or at the snap of a finger.  We don’t wake up one day depressed.  One grows into depression, usually over an extended period of time.  Therefore, God must grow one out of depression – one day at a time. 

A broken heart not rooted in love is a gateway for depression.  There is so much garbage around a broken heart – dirt, cobwebs, thorns.  For the depressed, it can be anger, unforgiveness, insecurity, inferiority, etc.  It does not take much to spiral into a negative mindset that can “paralyze” someone in many areas of his life.

This deep pain of the heart God wants to heal gently and tenderly.  If God healed instantly, an open wound will exist that can easily be infected again.  It’s like picking a scab on your arm.  The healing is not total yet.  So the wound is open again and bleeding occurs.  A setback in the healing process occurs.

The same is for the human heart.  As God works on healing your broken heart, He gently replaces all the garbage with more of His unconditional love and acceptance.  He grows more in you as you become more confident in your identity as His child.

That is the significant difference.  The exchanged life – God takes your broken heart and all the pain.  He gives you His whole heart – a brand new one – Himself CHRIST IN YOU. 

I personally testify this is the way God wants to heal your broken heart.  I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus, especially CHRIST LIVING IN YOU.  Don’t focus too much on the broken heart or the depression.  You don’t ignore it.  Instead, you focus on the New You – Jesus in you. 

Focusing on Jesus living in you makes your healing come into reality.  Just remember it is one day at a time. 


Bob Bennett



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