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God’s Gift – GRACE Through Jesus Christ

Defining grace is really trying to define God.  One just cannot.  Often grace is defined as “God’s unmerited favor” upon us.  True this is, but it is so much deeper.  Grace is the only word that can accurately describe this free gift of eternal life and salvation that God the Father has given to us through His Son Jesus Christ.  God gives us the very life of Christ Himself.  Yes!  Jesus is a free gift.  Like any gift, you do not deserve it, nor do you earn it by your good works (living under the law).  The giver gives it freely and joyfully.  Because it is free, you either accept it or reject it.  And, when you examine closely the true meaning and motivation of Jesus’ death and resurrection, you can only step back in awe and amazement.  You very easily say, “My Lord, how deeply You do love me!” 

Because we are God’s enemies since birth, we deserve eternal punishment in hell.  Therefore, the eternal life in Jesus is truly a free gift from the love of God’s heart.  Do you now see GRACE as a result of God restoring His life back to you?  There are countless verses from the Bible that magnificently magnify the grace of God exemplified through God’s plan of salvation – the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.

I continue to marvel that, despite deserving hell, God’s grace permits me to have this free gift of eternal life/salvation through Jesus.  I am amazed that Jesus would take my place of death so I can be risen spiritually to life with Him.  With every sin I committed and will commit against God, He forgives me.  (This is a very deep revelation.)  And with my spiritual life now alive with the residence of the Holy Spirit, God declares me “Not Guilty!”  When Satan accuses me of my sins before God, God says, “NOT GUILTY!  CASE CLOSED.”  Amen! 

Jesus was declared guilty in my place instead.  Jesus took God’s wrath and punishment for all my sins (Romans 5:9).  This is why Jesus is the Lamb of God slain for the sins of the world. 

The gift of salvation is free.  Jesus can save you from sin and death and give you a second birth – alive in Him.  This is awesome as you meditate quietly on all Jesus has done for you.  Again only one word accurately describes all this – GRACE. 

God’s gift to us is life – eternal life, His very own life.  John 10:10The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Grace is only growing in love into a deeper, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Grace is Jesus Christ.  How could anything be so obvious? 

  • Jesus is the Beginning and the End – Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8) – and everything in between. 
  • Jesus truly is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life (John 14:6). 
  • Jesus is the only reason for life. 
  • Jesus is the very person of God manifested in human form as the Son. 
  • Everything is summed up in Him and is complete in Him (Colossians 1:19). 
  • Everything was created by Him, for Him, and through Him (Romans 11:36, Colossians 1:16-17). 

You can’t get more specific or simple about life than Jesus Christ. 


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