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From Grief To Depression

It’s been on my heart to write about this very sensitive subject. I pray God can use it to help many in their everyday life – especially during this holiday season.
Grief will always occur.
Grief MUST occur.

We all personally will experience pain and adversity. When the pain or adversity reaches an unmanageable level, wise decisions must be made. Often this is when grief can set in.

Grief usually occurs when a traumatic occurrence happens that totally changes one’s life. (Examples of grief situations include the death of a close loved one and the destruction/loss after a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, etc.)

When a traumatic occurrence personally affects someone, life easily becomes a shock. Someone or something is gone for good. A big, painful void now exists. The example of the story of Job (from the Bible) is an excellent example. In one quick period, Job lost his entire business, all 10 children, and became grossly sick with sores and boils over his body.

Each person goes through their grief in their own time, in their own way. Some may only be weeks. Some may be over a year. Each person MUST be permitted to grieve without feeling guilty.

There also will be harder days when dealing with the grief. An example is the anniversary of a death or during the holidays. This is all normal grief and needs to be expected.

The challenge occurs in knowing when to end the grief. Ending the grief does not make one forget the tragedy of what occurred. Ending the grief helps one move on productively with life. One of my biggest lessons learned is “Life goes on with or without you.” All the more reason to go on with life.

For those who don’t, they remain a prisoner of the past. They are like stigmatized with life, still living their grief. However, it is not grief; it is depression. You live in the past and refuse to move forward into the present.

When depression takes over, it affects adversely every family member, friend, and situation in the depressed person’s life. In many ways, depression can literally destroy a life.

Many will deal with depression in different ways – drugs, alcohol, procrastination, suicide thoughts, etc. One grew into the depression and one must grow out of it.

The most effective way to grow out of depression is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Specifically Jesus living in the person living His life through the person.

For dealing with depression, I will not right about it here. You can go to my Victory Over Depression blog and see hundreds of blog posts. Click on this link to be directed to my blog:
Victory Over Depression Blog (by Bob Bennett)

God bless.
Bob Bennett


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