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Christians And Holiday Depression

The Holidays are now upon us. For many it is a depressed or grieving time. Many wished these days would never arrive anymore.
It is extremely difficult for those who are grieving the loss of a close, loved one within the past year. This would be worse if it is the first holiday without their loved one.

The grief can be so overwhelming for some that it can easily become depression. This occurs when one grieves too long over their loss or situation. This is one of the primary reasons why many cannot face the holidays. The joyful times have become dreadful times for many.

The challenge occurs, especially for Christians, during the holiday season is to ensure the right attitude and perspective. The right attitude and perspective is God’s attitude and perspective.

Unfortunately, many don’t know how to minister to the hurting during this holiday season. I pray many hearts will be changed to see this.

Below I have listed some items that should or should not be said. I recommend we can take them to heart and let God work on the person’s heart during a difficult time.

Don’t mention that one should not be depressed.
A basic understanding is necessary.
People need simply support & understanding, especially during the holiday.
The fewer the words said the better. Often no words should be said at all. (If words are said, words must be encouraging & supporting without making the person feel worse.)
Here are some thing not to say:
You better pray more.
Snap out of it. Get with it.
Where’s your faith?
What’s wrong with you?
Stop talking about it.
You’re too negative.
Rebuke it.
Name it. Claim it.
You are backsliding.
Quote chapter & verse.
Rededicate your life to Christ.
Try harder.
Read your Bible more.
Secret sin.
Are you “schizo?”

Correct Approach:
Create an atmosphere of comfort and acceptance.
Reach out to the hurting & depressed
Encouraging words
Listening ears
Zipped lips
A crying shoulder
An arm around the person
A hug
Bible reading/Bible studies
Fellowship with other brethren
Don’t “ENABLE.” Confront to challenge unhealthy habits, thoughts.


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3 thoughts on “Christians And Holiday Depression

  1. As Christians we must remember to reach out and help to restore those hurting during the season. Not judge them good read.

  2. I’m glad you included some of the of the “Word of faith” talk among the things not to say. I’ve had well-meaning Christians tell me I need to “speak” things into my life and/or rebuke the depression, like it’s just a demonic spirit and nothing more. More people need to realize that depression is more than that, and that only GOD can speak things into existence.

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