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A Heart For The Lonely, The Depressed, And The Broken-Hearted

Mental Illness is one of the most crippling types of diseases to have. For many, mental illness easily becomes a paralyzing state. It easily paralyzes one’s mind, but it also can “figuratively” paralyze one physically.

This is what I personally experienced for decades, even 17 years as a Christian. With depression, my mind was so paralyzed that I lived in daily fear and insecurity. One really cannot explain why depression does things like this. Neither can one understand why this deep, heart pain causes one to live in so much bondage. Only someone who has lived and experienced deep depression can understand and relate what another goes through.

For me personally, I am so grateful for the decades of depression. Now that I have been walking in victory over depression for 17+ years, God has rooted in my heart a deep compassion, love, and understanding of others who have depression. The growing God has brought me through is primarily to have a loving, caring heart for people suffering with depression and mental illness.

God now trusts me with a ministry to help people have Victory Over Depression. My experience of living with depression God is now using to become my greatest strength. For my greatest weakness (depression) is now my greatest strength because Jesus lives in me.

Please join me in prayer as God grows the Victory Over Depression ministry He has entrusted to me. His love is rooted deeper into my heart everyday. My heart and love for depressed and hurting people is definitely the heart of God. It is Jesus living His love through me.

I need to be so hidden in Christ. That way only Jesus in me is seen. Only His love is to be manifested.

“My heart is now the heart of Jesus in me to LOVE with.”

It will be a very delicate and caring ministry. For the mental paralysis need a gentle touch to help the person be free. That’s why I ask in prayer for me. Thank you.

I also ask for prayer that if you know of any church, ministry, group, etc that needs to hear this message, let me know. I have developed a speaking/teaching program that I use in a one-time event. I know God wants to free so many people. He has called me and trusts me as one of many He wants to use.

Glory to Christ in us.


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4 thoughts on “A Heart For The Lonely, The Depressed, And The Broken-Hearted

  1. Thank you for starting this blog. I’ve dealt with depression all my life. I’ve had some good years and some bad years and just want to stop it from affecting my life once and for all. Thank you God for people reach out to others, and I pray that this ministry flourishes.

    • Thanks for the encouragement also.
      I pray God will use this blog to continue to help you see CHRIST IN YOU as your victory.
      I encourage you to read my blogs often and let the Holy Spirit minister them to your heart.
      God sees Jesus His Son in you. He wants you to consistently see the same every day.
      It is a process one grows into.
      Seeing Christ in me consistently, myself as a child of God and not a depressed person, made it easier for Jesus to grown me out of depression.
      God bless.

  2. Thank you for this – there needs to be as much support for people like us (christians that have depression/anxiety) as possible – and it’s victory in Christ as possible. It needs to be demystified and demoralized. I blog – about this too and addiction as well. I found your blog on a grace fb page. Praise God that the message of grace is growing by leaps and bounds!!! And praise God for people like you!!!! Great grace in your continued recovery — and blessings all around!

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