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The Depths Of A Deeply Broken Heart

How does one explain the depths of a broken heart? How does one explain what the experience is like? Most cannot. Few can explain the experience.

I find it interesting writing about this subject today. I try to write what the Holy Spirit places on my heart to write. So I am sure the Holy Spirit will bless and help many who read this.

For me personally, the depths of a deeply broken heart lead to decades of severe depression and bondage. I never fully understood my need to be unconditionally loves. I would also always be trying to please people so they would accept me. I also was so afraid of stress and conflict. I avoided them at any cost.

I realize now that back then I was avoiding the need to have my broken heart healed. Unfortunately, countless many do the same thing today.

It is understandable to avoid pain. However, the pain of a broken heart is different. The pain must be faced for the entire well-being of the person is at stake.

If one cannot function normally as a person, then he will only be procrastinating the inevitable nervous breakdown. He, instead, will begin to put on a facade to “mask” and avoid his deep heart pain. He will engage in such activities as drinking, drugs, gambling, excelling at one’s profession. He will do anything to keep himself busy to avoid looking at the deep pain in his heart. (Christians often avoid this pain and usually drown themselves in Christian ministry.)

That’s why I now offer the simple solution. For the solution is what healed my broken heart — JESUS CHRIST.

The deepest needs of the human heart are spiritual needs and can only be totally filled by God Himself.

So if God is not residing in you and feeding His love to your heart, then it only makes sense that one’s heart would be broken more and more everyday.

Through Jesus, God restored relationship with us. CHRIST IN YOU is what heals the broken heart. God gives us a brand new heart – the very heart of Jesus Himself. This is where total healing & satisfaction.

Does Jesus live in you? If Yes, are you resting in His love & letting His love grow in you. If No, would you consider inviting Jesus in to take up residence & become your Lord and Savior? I pray you do. Ask me if you are interested.

The new life of CHRIST IN YOU is what the growth God uses to heal your broken heart. Keep looking at CHRIST IN YOU. He lives in you permanently 24/7 and will never leave.

God bless.

Bob Bennett

PS: There will be other blogs about Healing Broken Hearts in the near future. It is too critical not too. Too many are walking around with broken hearts for decades. May Christ live His life through us to touch so many.


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3 thoughts on “The Depths Of A Deeply Broken Heart

  1. Thank you, Robert, for ministering to us and helping Christian Poets & Writers minister to our readers. I’ll highlight your post on the CP&W blog – God bless.

  2. This deeply touched me, Robert. I was that very despondent and people-pleasing person before I invited Christ to come into my heart over thirty years ago. It’s not a battle won in a day, overcoming these obstacles, but there is never any doubt, with Jesus with me, that the victory is His.

    • Martha, I’m so blessed to see what God has done and will do in you.
      I’m glad you were able to identify with my own experiences.

      Yes, as you said, it is a growth process, one day at a time.
      One’s healing a broken heart cannot rushed. It’s done in God’s timing, God’s process.

      Thank you for sharing.
      It will help others.

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