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Jesus And His Parables On Prayer (Introduction)

Parables on Prayer

In the gospel of Luke, Chapter 18, Jesus uses two examples on the importance of prayer and the correct motivation to pray.  Prayer is much more than petitioning God for certain requests.  It is more than a one-way conversation. 

God also wants to communicate with us.  Prayer is two-way communication between best friends.  Jesus is the best of all friends we can ever have.  Jesus cares so much what is on our hearts.  He also wants to show us what is on the Father’s heart.  Prayer is an open, heart-to-heart dialog between God and us. 

Prayer is all about relationship.  When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, He taught them the prayer we know as the “Our Father” (The Lord’s Prayer.)  Jesus also added an important truth about prayer to show that prayer is more a two-way relationship than a one-way petition.  Matthew 8:8 “For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” 

God knows your heart.  He knows everything about you.  He knows exactly what you need at all times.  What does this tell you about Him?  Pause for a moment and think about it. 

What does a parent cherish most about her child?  What does a child need most from a parent?  What does a spouse need and cherish the most from his/her mate?  Intimate time together, with limited interruptions, is the answer.  They only want to be in one another’s company so they can share from the depths of their hearts their love for each other. 

If this is how important it is for human relationships, how much more is it for our relationship with God?  Jesus desires intimate fellowship with us more than everything else combined.  He desires to touch our hearts with the deep love of God.  Since He already knows the needs of our hearts, He will provide those needs in His time and in His way.  Like any parent, God the Father desires intimate fellowship with us.  He desires precious, quality and quantity time with His children.  This is His greatest desire. 

Lead worshiper and song receiver Dennis Jernigan shares the most accurate description of what intimate relationship with God is to be.  “I say to Father God, ‘Father, here is my heart.  Into me see (Intimacy).’  Father God replies at the same moment, ‘Yes, My child.  And here is My heart.  Into Me see (Intimacy).’  We exchange life when we do that.  Intimacy is 100% pure, unadulterated, relational honesty with the Lord.”  Yes!  Intimacy is a deep look at God’s heart, His unconditional love, and unlimited blessings for us.  You see your heart with all its hurt, pain, shame, and sin.  God sees the same, except He takes it one step further.  He takes all your hurt, pain, shame, and sin and puts it on His Son.  He puts it on the cross, crucified into Jesus’ body.  Through His Son, the Father gives you a brand new heart, His very own. 

God exchanges your old, beat-up life with His very own life.  This is the depths of how much He loves you.  When the Father now sees you, He sees His Son.  Jesus is your new nature.  Jesus is your new life.  Jesus is your new heart, the heart of God Himself. 

To communicate with God from our hearts is one of the primary messages Jesus exhorts from these parables on prayer.  Only the love of God should motivate our hearts.  Anything else is only a cheap imitation of the real thing.  Jesus Christ is certainly no imitation. 


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