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Jesus And The Woman with The Alabaster Box (For Today)

The Woman with The Alabaster Box (Luke 7:36-50)

This story holds a special place in my heart. I always picture the simplicity and courage of this woman to step out in faith, bypass the condemnation of her lifestyle, and pour out her heart of tears at the feet of Jesus. This woman, called a “sinner” by the religious authorities, was ashamed of her sinful life. She became broken and needed a restorer. She was in bondage and needed a deliverer. She was lost and needed a savior. She was unloved and needed an unconditional lover.

Like the other women we have seen, she found all fulfillment in Jesus. She searched with her heart and God responded. When one desperately wants help, she will do whatever necessary to get that help. This was the state of this precious woman. She needed God and knew she could find God in Jesus. Despite the cost of condemnation and scorn, she would reach Jesus while He was at the Pharisee’s house. It was unheard of that a “sinner” of her stature would enter the home of a religious leader.

She was an ostracized woman whom nobody would go near. They treated her like a leper, like she was a contagious disease. They all backed away as she slipped into the house.

How would Jesus treat her? Would Jesus back away? Not at all. Jesus has the heart of God. Jesus is the heart of God. As Jesus would bear the scorn of all our sins on the cross, He now bore the scorn of the Pharisees for associating with this “sinner.” Jesus saw this woman’s heart and her need for God. The Pharisees only saw her sin and type of woman she was.

This special woman treated Jesus the way Christians should treat Jesus living in their heart. She washed His feet, dried them with her hair, and anointed them with perfume while kissing them. This special woman openly expressed her love for Jesus, not caring at all what the scorn of others would do. She was desperate for Jesus. When you genuinely love Jesus, you openly express it. You are not concerned what others say or think.

Following this woman’s example, we need to wash our hearts of sin so Jesus can easily reside there and be seen in us. We are to come daily to the cross to dry out our heart from all the effects of sin. We are then to permit the Holy Spirit to anoint our heart with the fragrance of the Word of God. The result is we are embracing passionately our relationship with Jesus.

The key to always remember is the way Jesus handled the situation. Jesus is God. Therefore, He looks at the heart. For each heart that is open to Him, He ministers to that heart exactly what that person needs for that moment.

This ashamed woman needed to know God accepts her and forgives her. She needed to personally hear this from the lips of Jesus. “Daughter, your sins are forgiven. Go in peace; your faith has saved you.” Jesus met her need.

Jesus is here to meet the deepest needs of your heart.

Perhaps you need to hear these same words from the lips of Jesus. If so, make them yours. Picture Jesus speaking them directly to your heart. Whatever words you need to hear from the lips of Jesus, go ahead and make them personal. Jesus is here to meet the deepest needs of your heart. Jesus is always in control of every situation. So be encouraged. He has a personal touch for you. However, He can only do it to the extent you permit Him to. It may be as His response was to the cold-hearted Pharisee who now scorned Him. “He who loves much is forgiven much. He who is forgiven little, loves little.” Open your heart to His love.


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