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Jesus And The Bleeding Woman (For Today)

The Bleeding Woman (Matthew 9:20-22)
And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years, came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak; for she was saying to herself, “If I only touch His garment, I will get well.” But Jesus turning and seeing her said, “Daughter, take courage; your faith has made you well.” At once the woman was made well.

This precious woman had an illness that caused her bleeding for 12 years. She spent her life savings and no doctor was able to help her. This actually sounds so common today in many families. Due to a chronic illness, a family can spend most, if not all, of its life savings on medical treatment. Often little or no successful results occur. Often, many have no or very limited health coverage. There is also the emotional toll and strain on the other family members. Life is challenging enough with its day to day functions. When a severe, chronic illness or situation is involved, this becomes a double whammy.

Perhaps you or someone you know fits this description. Either way, like the other personal encounters of Jesus we have looked at, this story is for you. You are like this precious woman suffering with 12 years of profuse bleeding. To complete this analogy, you need to look to Jesus as the woman did. This woman knew about Jesus. Perhaps she heard Him preach and teach. Jesus’ heart touched her heart. She knew, by faith, that all she needed was one touch of Jesus. That is what we only need – one touch or one word from Jesus.

This woman had resurrection victory. She believed convincingly that Jesus could heal her. She approached Him from her heart and all she needed to do was touch the hem of His garment. Once she touched Jesus, she was healed. Though nobody saw her touch Him, Jesus stopped and knew healing went out from Him. The woman could not contain herself. Jesus encouraged her to rest in Him. Her faith in Jesus made her well.

Personal Comment: This is a critical point regarding healing. I will not sugarcoat it. I speak honestly about the reality of life in relation to God’s healing.

This precious woman was healed instantly – spiritually and physically. There is then a necessary growth phase to follow for her healing to be emotional. However, God does not heal everyone physically. I do not know why and neither will I try to explain. There are certain mysteries about God that will never be understood. The main understanding that one must have is that through Jesus, salvation is available. Freedom from sin and the devil leaves one falling in love with Jesus every day. Remember: God does not heal everyone physically.

Unfortunately, some Christian leaders today advocate the following scenario. Like this precious woman, the correct amount of faith you have will physically heal you. This is not true. I have seen this lie hurt and devastate many individuals with physical ailments. I think often, “If the amount of faith causes the physical healing, why do I never see people with missing arms and legs suddenly have new ones?” Some of my dearest, Christian friends are blind and handicapped. They love the Lord with such a genuine heart. They know and experience what a heart relationship with Jesus is. To see what I mean, read about or listen to Joni Eareckson Tada –

Does Jesus continue to heal today? Yes! Physically? Yes! Emotionally? Yes! Spiritually? Yes! However, it is all God’s will, God’s way, and God’s timing. We can never force God’s hands with a certain amount of faith. It all comes from the heart. Sometimes the physical healings are instant, gradual, or not at all. Jesus, though, does heal the emotional and spiritual in the depths of the heart. Jesus always heals the broken heart.

The greatest healing that God always does is the spiritual healing, that deep heart experience of (1) accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior (salvation), and (2) receiving the gentle, intimate touch of Jesus as this precious woman had.


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One thought on “Jesus And The Bleeding Woman (For Today)

  1. What a beautiful, practical application of scripture to everyday life and healing. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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