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What Is Victory Over Depression For A Christian?

I’ve been reading and listening to messages from Christians (some recognizable) give their comments and opinions on what one should do to have Victory Over Depression.

I commend them for being bold and honest to offer what they believe is help. Many of the comments were helpful and necessary. I am sure some of them have experienced depression in different ways and levels.

However, many of the comments only covered the surface. There were quotes such as to “Laugh more” and “Be positive.” “Pray more” and “Read the Bible” more were also stated frequently. While these comments are helpful and necessary to do, they really don’t go to the depths of a broken heart of someone suffering severe depression.

My own personal experience of decades of serious depression (17 as a Christian) have made me realize that, “Only one who has personally experienced the deep pain of a broken heart can understand what others are similarly going through.”

The pain in the depths of one’s heart is rooted deep. Pain, hurt, rejection, and fear are common occurrences for someone with deep-rooted depression.

God must do a major work to uproot the deep hurt of depression and restore one in wholeness with their relationship with Him.

This is what I personally experienced and received – Victory Over Depression and The Healing Of A Broken Heart.

It is CHRIST IN ME Who now is my life. God rooted His love deeper into me so that all I now see is Christ In Me. There’s my Victory Over Depression.

The laughing, being positive, praying, and reading the Bible all help. However, only appropriating by faith daily that CHRIST LIVES IN ME as my new life (Galatians 2:20) did the victory start coming.

If you have depression or mental illness, I pray you see CHRIST IN YOU as the solution. The healing and victory takes times because of the deep pain of a broken heart. Therefore, be patient with yourself and apply Galatians 2:20 daily by faith, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ Who lives in me.”


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