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Being And Trying To Live As A Christian

“I know what it takes to become a Christian.  I just had no idea how to be the Christian I had become.” 

This is one of my favorite quotes from Major Ian Thomas. 

I have lived this and still see it in countless Christians over the years.  They are so excited in accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  Their joy becomes a blessing for the Body of Christ.  They have such zeal, love, and passion for Jesus and to share the Good News of Jesus with others.

Unfortunately what happens soon afterwards is very common in the Body of Christ.  It often comes across as the Christian thinking, “Now what do I do?” 

That question may sound odd, but it is quite common.  At this point, many Christians are misled in what their next step is.  Too often they are thrown into ministry with little or no background in growing in a relationship with Jesus.

So the new Christian faithfully follows into ministry and usually winds up feeling burn out, miserable, dry, and now have a life of drudgery.  He often will become arrogant and impatient.  He has forgotten the experience of His first love – when he became born again. 

With the limited background of growing in a relationship with Jesus, one exhibits the trait of “trying to live the Christian life.”  (The results were mentioned in the previous paragraph,)  Sadly this is the state of many Christians and offers little to no testimony of a Risen Jesus in their lives. 

What Is Missing?  Missing is the person of Jesus Christ in the Christian.  Letting Jesus live the Christian life through the Christian is what “being as a Christian” is. 

When Jesus is given access to live His life through the Christian, there will be no burn out, no misery, no dryness, and no drudgery.  Instead, there will be consistent joy and love of growing and falling in love of Jesus every day.  People will see Christ in the Christian.

Major Ian Thomas implies, “To be the Christian I have become is to let Christ in me be it.  Let Jesus live His life through me.” 

Jesus is the Key that many of you are missing in the Christian walk.  Your dryness and drudgery is seen more instead of Jesus. You want Jesus in you to be seen more than you are seen.

The key therefore is to appropriate by faith daily Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live: yet not I, Christ liveth in me.”

I pray this blog has helped you to let JESUS IN YOU “be the Christian you have become.”


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3 thoughts on “Being And Trying To Live As A Christian

  1. Yes, so true. This is the summation for me “Too often they are thrown into ministry with little or no background in growing in a relationship with Jesus.”

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