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Seeing Others With God’s Heart Or Else…

Unfortunately, Christians sometimes can be the most nastiest & insensitive people around.

I personally witnessed this through years of severe depression.  Looking back, I experienced more of the viciousness of Job’s friends than the heart of love from God’s children.  Christians can easily be so insensitive that Satan has little problem using them to hurt others with their lips.

During my depression years as a Christian, I did not meet one Christian who was either:

  1. experiencing depression as severe as I was, or
  2. knew what to do or what to say to overcome it.

(I know many can easily relate to my experiences.)

Usually their Christian responses were well-intentioned, but they actually caused more hurt.

The most frequent comments were:

  • “Bob, where is your faith?
  • “Did not Jesus die for your sins?”
  • “You need to pray more.”
  • “Bob, you better examine yourself more intensely. There must be some secret or hidden sin(s) in your life.”
  • “What’s wrong with you? You better snap out of it.”
  • Are you a “schizo?”

These comments were like Satanic darts that scored a direct hit to my heart, piercing it sharply.  They easily pierce the heart because the heart is already too hurt and wounded to defend itself.

How unfortunate that the majority of Christians do not understand the deep pain caused to their brethren.

How can you relate?

How often have you been on the receiving end of these well-intentioned, but very hurtful comments?

How often have you spoken them to other family members in Christ?

God wants His children to see beyond the human eyes.  The eyes of the heart must be used.  For God looks always at our hearts first.  May the Body of Christ see everything, especially those in deep suffering & depression, with the single eye of Christ in them.

Yes, God always looks at the heart.  When Christians are hurting, God wants to work through other Christians to minister to His love to their hearts.

I learned it the hard way.  I pray the Body of Christ learns this more and more every day.  It is Christ In You living His life through you.  It is not Job’s friends that must do the speaking through you.


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2 thoughts on “Seeing Others With God’s Heart Or Else…

  1. Amen! “God wants His children to see beyond the human eyes. The eyes of the heart must be used.” This is so true! And we are only able to do this with God’s help. Thank you for the encouragement. I am always asking God to help me see everything and everyone through His eyes instead of my own. Be blessed!

  2. Amen. Thanks also for the encouraging words.
    It’s all & only CHRIST IN US.

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