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Christ In Me – A Personal Reflection Of My Life 2011-2013

I pray God will use what I share in the blog to bless so many and draw them close to Christ In You.  This has been on my heart to share today.  So I will be as transparent as possible.

The last two years have been a very deep valley for me.  With little to no employment for most of the two years, I have been learning deeper what it means to trust God every day.  I have been realizing that Christ In Me is always there and will always take care of me.

Often it is when we hit rock bottom or are near it, that we reassess our priorities with life, family, etc.   We refocus our attention and relationship with God. It is then that we realize everything in life, except God, is tangible and will fade away.  It made it so much easier for me to see and hear the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit every day.

Many times I barely had enough money to meet the monthly bills.  Yet, out of places I never thought of, God still provided my bills paid and put food on the table.  All the more reason I glorify and testify of CHRIST IN ME.

God permitted these trials in my live.  This valley is for His glory.  One of the main reasons God wanted to do is to take me deeper in trust in Him to provide my everything.  For He is my everything.  Christ In Me wants total access to more of my life every day.  He wants to trust me more to live His life through me, especially sharing His love to hurting people.

As of today, April 13, 2013, God has now been growing me out of this valley.  He trusts me more to share Christ In You to many people.  That is always my main prayer: “May all who see me see ONLY Christ In Me.

I am very humbled that God trusts someone like me.  Often, I am very insecure and afraid.  However, that is part of the old me.  My new me is CHRIST IN ME.  That is Who is living through me.  Jesus in me living His life through me.  That is why I will be a success for Christ In Me is the success.  “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

I have been receiving invitations to give Victory Over Depression presentations.  This is God’s fruit from my 2 years in the valley.  I know many invitations will come.  Jesus in me will be shared.  Jesus in me will certainly be glorified.  People now see Christ In Me.  Many in the near future will see Christ In Me.  I appreciate your prayers as speaking engagements being to open up for me.  Thank you.

I pray many reading this blog are encouraged that CHRIST IN YOU is a daily growth and He will grow His love deeper in you more than ever.  May CHRIST IN YOU be real in your everyday life.  He is the one in the midst of you and within you who is life.

“As Long As I Breathe, I Will Testify of CHRIST IN ME.”



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2 thoughts on “Christ In Me – A Personal Reflection Of My Life 2011-2013

  1. This is beautiful. I’m praying for god to continually strengthen you as you speak to others who need the hope you possess.

    Your vulnerability will speak the loudest. Thank you for sharing your honest struggle and the healing that comes only through Jesus.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Lori.
    Glad you were blessed.
    I receive your words as I go forward to keep my dependence of Christ In Me.

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