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God Is Nailed To A Cross (The Crucifixion of Jesus)

The Crucifixion Of Jesus

The earthly life of Jesus is about to end.  Yet, His sufferings only increase when they reach Calvary.  Evil never shows mercy.  The soldiers violently strip off His garment.  His wounds rip open again and more blood pours out. 

The cross is thrust onto the floor.  Jesus is pushed onto it.  Not having a moment to even be still, the soldiers fully extend His arms and hands to nail them into the cross.  Jesus agonizes in pain.  The stretching of His arms is excruciating.  The pain in His arms is unbearable.  This also causes the crown of thorns to come into more painful contact with His head.  The abrupt contact makes the thorns penetrate deeper into His scalp and forehead.  We know what a sharp head pain or headache is like.  We cannot, however, imagine the deep pain in Jesus’ head at this moment.  Every piercing thorn represented every sin ever committed against God. 

The soldiers then take large 5”-7” iron, spike nails.  Stretching out His left hand, they take a hammer and hit that nail continuously till it drove through the skin, deep into the hand of Jesus.  Imagine the sound of each thump as the nail penetrates the skin and pierces the nerves and tendons.  “Thump, thump, thump, thump….”  Each thump represents every sin that offends the heart of God.  The nerves in His hand suffer unbearable pain.  Jesus screams in agony.  Then the soldiers do the same to the right hand of Jesus.  Hear again the thumps of our sins as the spike is thrust into Jesus’ hand.  The soldiers repeat the same for the feet.  “Thump, thump, thump, thump….”  Such love our Savior shows us by taking all these suffering that we deserve.  Jesus continues to scream in agony. 

It has been said that, “Nails did not keep Jesus on the cross.  Love did.”  This is accurate.  The physical pain that Jesus bore for our sins is immeasurable.  The deep pain of His heart is unfathomable.  Every sin and offense (past, present, future) ever committed against the heart of Jesus caused those nails and thorns to tear apart and break the heart of Jesus.  To a certain extent, it is valid to say Jesus would die of a broken heart. 

Yet, it continues to amaze that Jesus voluntarily chose this way to suffer and die.  By examining the overwhelming pain and sufferings Jesus experienced, what further evidence do we need to see how much God loves us?  It does not matter whether one is a devout Christian, a non-Christian, or a Christian who has backslidden into a behavior of sinful pleasures.  We always need constant reinforcement of the impact of Jesus’ sufferings on our behalf. 

  • For the devout Christian, her own sufferings motivate her further to loving and serving Jesus. 
  • For the backslidden Christian, she will have a choice.  If she sees her sins as causing Jesus’ sufferings, she has an opportunity to repent and turn her life back to loving and serving Jesus.  If she does not see her sin as causing Jesus’ sufferings, then she will continue to live in her sinful lifestyle.  The heart of Jesus will continue to be broken. 
  • For the non-Christian, he will have a choice to accept or reject Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.  Jesus has clearly demonstrated Himself as God.  Jesus has clearly demonstrated His personal love for you.  No other human being could live and suffer as Jesus did.  What is your position in regard to this?  May a wise choice for Jesus be made. 

Upon looking at the sufferings of Jesus, one thing to absorb often is the amount of suffering that Jesus actually experienced during His passion.  This is what leads us to look at Jesus on the cross. 

I want you to visualize the agony Jesus experienced every time He took a breath, every time He moved His body on the cross to relieve His pain.  Take a moment to visualize this.  Remember nails penetrated sharply His hands and feet.  Thorns penetrated his scalp.  They penetrated right to the nerves and tendons.  This itself speaks of His excruciating pain.  Visualize Jesus during this and the agonizing pain He frequently released. 

Recall also the open wounds from the scourging and beatings.  Skin ripped off.  Blood poured profusely.  Wounds so deep you can practically see His bones, nerves, and tendons.  Now add this to the excruciating pain of hanging on the cross, held up with large, iron nails.

 Envision Jesus enduring all this pain ONLY because He loves you.


Now envision that Jesus has done all this only because He loves you.  The Bible teaches us that Jesus took upon Himself all the sins of the world and absorbed them into His body.  This is what occurred on the cross.  Jesus took your sins and mine into His body.  Now that is love.  Jesus loves us unconditionally.  The challenge is we withholding our love for Him.  After all this suffering of love that Jesus exhibited, it makes no sense to withhold one’s love for Jesus.  Are you in any way withholding? 

The Lamb of God is now hanging on the cross.  Neither compassion nor humility is expressed for Him.  Instead, as before, He is continuously mocked and ridiculed.  God is nailed to the cross.  The Lamb slain before the creation of the world is nailed to the cross.  Darkness descends on the entire land for three hours during the middle of the day.  The shadow of death is slowly approaching.  Our salvation draws nigh.  Soon Jesus will say, “It is finished.  It is done.”  The sin issue separating us from God has been driven into the body of Jesus.  It will die on the cross with Him.  It will remain buried in His tomb.  Three days later will be exciting news.  What was lost through Adam’s sin will be restored through Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

God is nailed to the cross.


 Weak and near death, Jesus still remained focused on His Father’s will.  He was always thinking of us as He spoke from the cross. 

  • “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” 
  • “I am thirsty.”  Jesus was thirsty for souls, our salvation. 
  • “It is finished.”  John 19:30 Tetelestai is the Greek word meaning “paid in full.”  Redemption is complete through the finished work of Jesus Christ.  The sin issue separating us from God is removed.  We can now choose to have a personal relationship with God. 
  • “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” 

Jesus dies.  The heavens are quiet and still.  There is absolute silence in the heavenly realm as Jesus breathes His last.  You can hear a pin drop.  Creation momentarily mourns.  Its creator has breathed His last.  Satan thought he had won, but Resurrection Sunday was fast approaching. 


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