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Simple Lessons For A Wilderness Christian

Lessons For A Wilderness Christian:
Many Christians, unfortunately, are living in the desert, like the Israelites, trying to do for God what only God could do through us.
The only entry into Canaan, our eternal rest in Christ, is by faith.
The Israelite faith permitted them to cross the Red Sea.
The same faith would permit them to cross the Jordan River.
However, the Israelites had a severe case of unbelief.

It is the same for the Wilderness Christians.
Until he learns to enter, by faith, the rest & love of Christ, he will live in the desert.
His Christian walk may look attractive, but deep within He is as dry as the desert and as dead as bones.
For when he crosses by faith to enter the rest of Christ, Jesus takes over.
Jesus then lives the Christian life through him.
He does not struggle in his walk, but instead rests like a branch totally dependent on the life of the vine (Jesus) to live His life through the Christian.


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