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My Take On The Recent Arrest Of Actor Stephen Baldwin —–> DISCIPLESHIP

Born again, Christian again Stephen Baldwin was recently arrested for not filing three years of New York State tax returns.  Various reason have been speculated as to why.  Many have stated it is because of his political views.

I have a different take.  I pray God gives me the words to share His perspective on this situation.

Many don’t recall or know that last summer, Stephen was also arrested in New York City for driving with a suspended license.

This seems more than persecution for being a Christian.  Stephen needs more discipline in his walk with Christ.  Too many basic things have occurred to Stephen that should not happen to Christians – driving with a suspended license and not filing tax return for 3 years.

Stephen needs to be away from the public eye for a while so he can concentrate on his personal walk with Christ.  Being in the public eye too often definitely will be an easy distraction for any Christian.  That’s why Stephen needs to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  That includes training & discipline.

For those who remember, the same thing happened to former baseball player Darryl Strawberry after he became a born again Christian.  Darryl was quickly put on the Christian speaking and book circuit.  Shortly afterwards, he backslid – wife divorced, jail time, sexual behavior, & drug addiction to name a few.

Darryl has recovered wonderfully today.  Praise God.  Reflecting on what occurred, Darryl specifically says back then HE NEEDED TO BE DISCIPLINED – needed to grow as a disciple of Christ first.  He needed to learn how to and begin to read the Bible more on a daily basis.

All the more reasons that Christians in the public eye need our prayers.

Please join me in prayer for Stephen Baldwin that this situation be resolved as soon as possible.  Pray with me that Stephen learn to take a step back away from the public and concentrate on growing in Christ.  Pray with me that God place Stephen under godly leaders who know the importance of growing as a disciple of Christ first.

When a Christian can set his/her priorities of growing in Christ, many of these basic things will not cause the Christian problems.  Christ then becomes the greater witness in the Christian life.

Thank you.  Glory to Christ in you.


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2 thoughts on “My Take On The Recent Arrest Of Actor Stephen Baldwin —–> DISCIPLESHIP

  1. Good insight. It’s unfortunate that the Christian community seems to elevate the messenger over the message … to the messenger’s ill.

  2. Amen. Thanks, Bryn. Good way to put it.

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