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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

True Freedom & Victory – The Key Way

True freedom & victory in Christ can only be achieved when you are able to face the deep depths & pain of your broken heart.
This permits you to bring Jesus into the midst of the brokenness & place His healing touch of love over it.
That’s why it’s called Calvary – the way of the cross – to death.

The victory process continues in then experiencing the joy of the resurrected life and love of Jesus in you.
The focus then becomes more consistently CHRIST IN YOU.
Christ in You becomes more and more your primary focus.

This can only be achieved through SILENCE within.  Silence within you is where Christ In You resides.  Too many Christians look for Jesus in signs & wonders.  God, though, will OFTEN & ONLY reveal Himself in the still, small voice within the heart of each person.

May the simple truths just shared penetrate the deepest depths of your heart.

The reality of Christ In You eagerly & expectantly waits to be experienced every day.  Don’t pass this magnificent joy by.



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