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Apostasy Of The Worst Kind (by Sonya Hamilton)

Below is my response to someone’s post about apostasy rising up in regards to one’s personal conviction and how they will vote on election day; I wanted to share my response on my page as well.

Apostasy of the worst kind is not esteeming the FULL counsel of the word of God, while esteeming/cherry picking certain biblical issues (while not regarding other issues) that give preference or slant to one’s own ‘prioritized’ personal convictions and opinions, and thusly passing it off as the full holy writ/counsel/determinate will of God.

Apostasy of the worst kind is when we have cloaked our personal convictions and opinions as an inspired word from God/prophecy and declare that we are His oracles declaring His will for an entire nation.

Apostasy of the worst kind is the perpetuation of our own truth in a tyrannical/dictatorship manner that seeks to manipulate and control and bend the will of another to our own truth; that’s a spirit of witchcraft and abuse. Thy will should bend to that of the Holy Spirit-at its leading and unction only.

We have shamed, condemned, demonized, vilified, damned to hell, questioned the salvation of others, called people fools, called them evil, called them traitors, cursed them, called them goats and not sheep (indicating that they are not of the fold of the Father) and we have guilted beloved brethren simply because they are voting opposite of how we are voting (symptomatic of a cult mentality and tyranical spirit). Apostasy of the worst kind is when we have bowed to the Kingdom of this world to perpetuate partisan politics in a manner unbefitting with all manners of vile rancor against each other; that which has been a stumbling block to those inside the Kingdom and an even greater stumbling block to those who have yet to accept Christ as Savior. We have polluted the altar of God with our carnal ideologies, arrogance, bigotry, preferences, and biases- in the manner in how partisan politics has been perpetuated.

Apostasy of the worst kind is when we have allowed a spirit of partisan politics to invade the Kingdom, and we have taken on the mentality of the world, which has come to divide and devour us; from the inside out; a needless wounding and severe laceration to the body of Christ.

And after November 6, how will the body of Christ begin to heal that which has been wounded and severely lacerated? Less we have become an impotent church and of no threat to the real enemy. We’re praying for the Nation, but there is an urgent need to pray against a venomous antagonistic spirit (contrary to that of the Holy Spirit) which has arisen within the Kingdom; we need to pray for the evil that has arisen among us and within us- for indeed, it has been exposed for all to see.

Say what ye may…
Regardless of how I am led to vote-
I serve a KING that is STILL on the THRONE.
I have a KING and He has a KINGDOM-
and it includes me….
and I am my Father’s Beloved and indeed accepted in the Beloved;
the Called Out; the Remnant.

In our Father’s agape,
S. Hamilton

#What bonds us – should be greater than that which has come to divide us, and should certainly transcend the rancid/vile beast of partisan politics#


– by Sonya Hamilton – used by permisson


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