Victory Over Depression Blog

(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

Christ Living In You – – – simple living

  1. Christ living in you NOW is your DAILY VICTORY.
  2. Christ living in you gives you capability of a one-on-one, intimate relationship with God.
  3. Christ living in you gives you the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ every moment of every day for the remainder of your life.
  • When you sleep.
  • When you awake.
  • When you work.
  • When you are at school.


Basic Reflections of Victory

  1. You share Christ’s life IN YOU every day, until you share it eternally with Him in heaven.
  2. IN CHRIST makes you fit for heaven.  CHRIST IN YOU makes you fit for earth.
  3. With Christ in you 24/7, it makes no sense to settle for second best – the desires of the flesh.
  4. Jesus has PERMANENTLY taken up residence in you.  He will never have a desire to leave.  In fact, He is demanding your flesh move out.
  5. Christ living in you permits God to have total & complete access to your heart & life.

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