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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)


Many Christians “mask” the deep pain & shame of their hearts.  Instead, they drown themselves in ministry & other Christian activities.  It is all a facade.

God cannot heal the broken heart unless the Christian permits Him access.  It will be very painful, of course, but, it is absolutely necessary.

Jesus wants to heal the entire being of the Christian.  He is limited when the Christian, for whatever reason, is not ready to face those deep hurts.

The deep hurts are understandable, especially if they have been rooted down for many years (even decades).  Years of shame & pain have been covered with dirt, cobwebs, and thorns.  That’s why when Jesus does the healing, He does it one day at a time.  He gently & tenderly removes the thorns and cobwebs so His seed (Christ in you) can grow on fertile ground.

If Jesus removes them all at once, then there will be a large, wounded opening in the heart which can easily become infected & possibly worse than before.

However, it is a MUST to be transparent and come before Jesus with an open heart.

Seek Jesus intimately, especially the Christ In You.
He is Your Victory . He is Your Strength.  He is Your Everything.

The Christ In You wants to burst forth so Jesus can share His love through you to a hurting world.  Too many people need to know that Jesus personally loves them.  Jesus has personally chosen you.  Jesus wants to trust you more to share His love to others.  Jesus wants people to see Him when they see you.

Are you ready to open your heart further, despite the pain that will come?

You do it by faith in The Christ In You to do it.  Rest in His love and be patient as you do it.  I assure you that you will come out shining, however short or long it takes.

This is the victory I have personally experienced now for 17 years.

The Life Of Christ shall come forth in you.
You will experience Christ In You more than ever before.
You will be satisfied, joyful, and totally fulfilled in the enjoyment of the Christian life which is Christ in you.
I can’t wait to hear the GOOD NEWS about CHRIST IN YOU.


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2 thoughts on “Limiting CHRIST IN YOU

  1. Christ has opened my eyes 6 months ago. And is working fast. He removed drug use, smoking, coffee, and now is starting on my emotional well being. I get over whelmed some times but the more I let him just run me the more he flows through me. Thanks for this it has really helped! May god bless you my brother in Christ!

    • That’s great, Michael.
      Glad to hear this good news. Keep at it.
      Yes, it is only Jesus in us living His life through us.

      You are so right about emotional well being. Jesus heals our inside first, then the emotional outside so we can function as normal people.
      Keep that focus – CHRIST IN YOU.
      Thanks for sharing. It encourages me to go forward more.

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