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Do You Know That When You Hide Away With Jesus You Hear Things You Never Heard Before?

Do you know that when you hide away with Jesus you hear things you never heard before?

Away from man, flesh, TV ministry, opinions, soap box preachers and witty sayings; away from questionable new doctrines; away from words filled with pride, fear, doubt, and most of all away from SELF.

God creates an atmosphere for you and me to be real before Him.

Come clean and tell Him ALL; submit to His will and His way and not call somebody for THEIR opinion on something God told YOU/ME?

I am alone for a REASON and I am anointed for a REASON and I am called for a REASON and THE REASON IS JESUS!!!

When He shows you what He has put inside of you and me, there is no “I can’t“, there’s only a “I surrender“…might be trivial for some, but I know what “Back to Basics” means and I understand even clearer now the “Potter’s Wheel“…marred in the hands of the Potter and being made again another vessel (Jeremiah 18:6)…in the center of HIS will and no one else’s.

To God be the glory!

– from a Barbara Wilson writing – definitely from the throne of God


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