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Getting Past Outward Expression For Genuine Healing (short video)

This is a must see video for those searching for VICTORY OVER DEPRESSION.  I speak mainly about CHRIST IN YOU healing the deep depths of the human heart.

Many see Victory Over Depression as mostly doing outward expressions of things.  They are necessary to do, but don’t get to the roots of the broken heart.  That is why this video is out.

Please share with others who may be blessed.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Past Outward Expression For Genuine Healing (short video)

  1. Hi Bob,thank you for the truth behind every word you said.Thank you for caring to help others,not on a superficial level,but as you said “at the root”,which is what God is after.Yes ,we have to be patient with ourselves,and with God because the pruning process is indeed painful,but it’s an assured,and reassuring healing,as only God can do this,because He’s the only One who can get to the root,even after giving us a new heart.Praise God He is our only Healer.God bless you dear brother,and waiting for your next video.I appreciate your openness,honesty,and frankness in sharing such a sensitive issue.God bless you richly in every way 🙂

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