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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

The Victorious Life: Applying Christ In You (Part 2 of 3)

You have tapped into a treasure that has been living in your heart just waiting to explode with the love of God.  I confidently assure you Christ will truly set you free because you are getting it from His Word.  Your Christian walk will be the most enjoyable experience you will ever have – walking hand in hand with Christ.  The experience will be even better than your initial salvation.  I share this with you from first-hand experience.  This is reality.  Jesus is so very real.

Continue to remember that it is a growth process.  We mature step by step, day by day.  We are only to rest – rest in His love.  He is responsible for producing the fruit.  He only looks for our restful availability to share His love to a needy, hurting world.

Jesus as man did nothing without God.”  Jesus stresses this so often in the gospel of John.  He lived as man the way God created man to live.

This is normal Christian living.  When people saw Jesus the man, they saw God the Father in action.  Notice that the people always flocked to Jesus, instead of Him knocking/witnessing door to door.  They saw God the Father in action in Jesus the man.

We have the same opportunity.  Jesus as God in us desires our availability not ability.   People will flock to you because you will be giving them life – the true life of God clothed in your flesh and blood.

You will be providing what Jesus came to give – life.  You will be spiritually mature to give all the credit and glory to God.  God knows not to trust your flesh.

This is why it truly is exciting being a Christian – seeing God in action in man.   I refuse to let it go to my head.  I give it all to Jesus.  It is Jesus living through me.

The old Bob Bennett is dead.  The new Bob Bennett is a child of God, and Bob truly desires just to love His Father.

In whatever I do, it will be Jesus in me living His life through me.  This will occur consistently as I literally focus and visualize Him in you doing it.


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