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God IS Faithful Personally To All Of Us (My Personal Experience)

God’s love & faithfulness leave me so amazed & awestruck.  It is remarkable how, despite never personally knowing me, He has always been right by my side from the moment I was conceived in my mother’s womb.

I look back at 55+ years of my life and remember vividly specific instances where God helped and protected me.  I now see God’s hands & grace over so many dark areas of my past.  I know He has my future in control.

God sure has a wonderful way of expressing His love.  Usually we don’t see it until well after the time has passed.

I’ve now lived well more than half of my life.  I can look back and look forward knowing that Jesus is always in love with me, regardless of any situation.  He desires my heart to love Him and to share His love with everyone.  I pray I can be as successful as possible doing this.  It is Christ in me living His love through me.

Seeing most of my life with severe, clinical depression & now seeing Victory through CHRIST IN ME (since 1996) is the most fulfilling & satisfying experience I could ever wish to have.

Knowing Jesus Christ so personally and intimately is the greatest gift I could ever experience.

Knowing also that Jesus lives in me 24/7 only makes me love Him more – to seek Him more intimately

Knowing that every step I take includes Jesus in me taking them with me.  What could be more fulfilling?  Nothing.

Jesus heals the deepest needs and hurts of the human heart.  Has He done this to you yet?  I pray so.  If not, I encourage you to seek Him intimately with an open heart.  Put aside any bad or negative experiences you have encountered with church or religion.  That is man’s error.  God instead touches the depths of the human heart.

That is my experience right now.  I am the happiest I have ever been in life and look forward so much, despite problems and trials, to grow in this love with Jesus deeper and deeper every day.


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2 thoughts on “God IS Faithful Personally To All Of Us (My Personal Experience)

  1. Monika Langguth on said:

    That is a beautiful and heartfelt message. The whole purpose of life is to know Jesus Christ and The God (Father) Who sent Him. Knowing Jesus and having an intimate relationship with the Lover of My Soul and My Holy and Eternal Father through the revelation in The Holy Spirit is beyond what anyone can ever express. All I can say to anyone is don’t miss the reason you were created ~ to have a relationship with God Your Creator Who longs to be Your Eternal Father and Your Forever Bridegroom King throughout eternity. The plan God has for us begins to be a taste, a foretaste in the mouth of our spirit as to what a wonderful life we have ahead of us. A life that will never end and will always be revealing the wonders of God that He shares with us as His very own ~ I am eternally grateful and thrilled that He loves us so very much and could not bear to let us die in our sin. He let HIS Son die to pay the price for all the children that He would have lost had Jesus not saved us by His perfect life. The awesome part of all this is that every day ever minute I grow more and more in love with My Father and My Lord through the Holy Spirit. Life is Great when God is in it!
    I wouldn’t miss God for the world . . . a relationship with HIM is out of this world. ♥

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