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The Victorious Life: Applying Christ In You (Part 1 of 3)

I awake thinking of Jesus.  In my sleep, I think of Him.  Throughout the day, I literally visualize Jesus in me as my new nature, my new life.

I just love the Lord so much that it is automatically a joy to love Him.  I basically desire nothing else in life.  He certainly is my all in all.

Therefore, I appropriate by faith that for any decision I make it is Jesus doing it through me – with His love as the motivation.  The results are outstanding.  The rivers of living water flow out naturally.

One does not reach this level automatically, but through maturity.  The importance is INTIMACY WITH GOD.  One MUST be quiet with God often, absorbing His love.

The most effective way in this quietness is with the Word Of God.  Through the Word, God speaks to us the most.  However, we must quiet our inner self.  Otherwise, we can hardly ever hear Him.  God talks in a still small voice.

As you grow, you will hear His voice, you hear it on a more consistent basis.  That is friendship.  It has nothing to do with spiritual gifts.  Those come as God trusts the individual with them.

Just be alone with God and reflect that He lives in you right NOW.  He will do the rest as you grow.  Mostly don’t talk, even non-verbally.  (That is why He gave us two ears and one mouth.)   

However, one must never forget – we have a flesh, sin nature.  My personal life is currently turmoil on the outside.  However, I have a deep inner peace that the world will never take away.  That peace is Him in me.  I choose to look at Him instead of all my problems.

– Part 2 to follow


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