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(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)


The life that God restores to us is through the Holy Spirit – the very life of God.   God resurrects a spiritual dead body by inhabiting it Himself, to permanently take up residence.  God restores the life of Christ to us, the life originally lost when Adam sinned.  When God takes up residence, He has no intention of leaving.  Outstanding!

The flesh though will always attempt to have a say in our lives.  However, the Holy Spirit will NEVER bow to the flesh.  God is always relaxed whenever we are spiritually attacked.   God sort of has “fun” with us – watching us extract all our self-attempts to overcome the attack.

God wants us to become drained out of all self-effort.  In that way, we become so embarrassed and realize we have actually been fighting and struggling against God’s own attempts to overcome the spiritual attack.

Jacob wrestling with God in Genesis 32:24-31 is an excellent example of this.  “And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.  And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.  And He said, Let Me go for the day breaketh.  And he (Jacob) said, I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me.  And He said unto him, What is thy name?  And he said, Jacob.  And He said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men and hast prevailed.  And Jacob asked Him, and said, Tell me, I pray Thee, Thy name.  And He said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after My name?  And He blessed him there.  And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have see God face to face, and my life is preserved.  And as he passed over Penuel the son rose upon him, and he halted (limped) unto his thigh.” 

Jacob’s name means a “sneak,” a “cheat,” a “swindler.”  Jacob was true to his name as evidenced by the way that he swindled the birthright to be in the messianic line of Jesus away from his brother Esau.  Jacob wasted many years (20) before he was ready to enter his inheritance from Abraham and Isaac.  He actually fought against God for many years.  This is what occurred as he wrestled with the angel of God.

It was not until Jacob finally admitted who he really was, what his name meant, that the struggling against God ceased.  Jacob had exhausted all his self-effort to overcome his obstacles, not realizing he himself was his biggest obstacle.

This so easily relates to us today.  Not until we admit that we are sinners by nature, by birth (as when Jacob finally acknowledged he was a swindler) can God really begin to deal with our heart.  God will then make us men and women after His own heart.  God overwhelms us with the intimate love of Jesus.  Being overwhelmed by the intimate love of Jesus can never be measured on a human level, but on a spiritual (God’s) level.

Jacob began cooperating with God once he saw God’s hand in the midst of his adversities.  He ceased his self-effort to rebuke and pray the trial away.  He ceased wrestling against God.  Instead, Jacob rested in the love and care of God – totally surrendering and abandoning himself to God so He can work out His will through them.  He was only resting in love.

The same is also very true for us.  May we learn to rest in the love and care of the Holy Spirit so He can walk out His will through us.  Alleluia!  When we reach the end of our rope, like Jacob, we acknowledge our shortcomings and see God clearer in the midst of us.  It is easier to turn it over to Him.

To remind us to always be dependent on Him, God then leaves us with a limp, just as He left Jacob with one. 

We also are to totally trust and surrender to the Holy Spirit.  We must trust the Holy Spirit entirely with our lives, to permit Him absolute control over every area of our life.  For if we believe the Holy Spirit to be God and if we believe He knows what is best for us, trusting Him should only come natural.

The Holy Spirit has so much love to overflow us with.  For us to enter into the fullness of His love, He needs direct access to every corner of our life, especially the dark, hidden corners within our hearts that only we know about.

This reminds me of a dream people frequently have where Jesus visits their home.  They gladly show Jesus around the house – every spotless room and closet – except one.  When Jesus desires to see that one, the people resist and put up a strong front – because the room or closet is dirty, dark, and hidden.  They prefer to keep it that way.  They prefer to keep it locked.

Yet, the Holy Spirit is not shocked at our reactionary defense.  If we really know Him and trust Him, we would gladly open the door, despite the enormous pain that will be revealed.  This is the depth of His love for us.  What a God!  He wants to heal your deep pain with His love.  Only He can.

Because the Holy Spirit wants to tear and break our heart (in order to give us a new heart – God’s very own), it is a very painful, but necessary, process to go through.  Don’t cover up the sins anymore.  Let the Holy Spirit at them.  You will respond just like David and, through pure repentance, be restored to the intimate love of Jesus.  God will heal your broken heart.  Guaranteed!


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