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Running From The Law

Whenever my front door at home opens, my cat, WD, usually attempts to run outside.  When he is successful, he is difficult to catch.  He purposely runs away from me every time I am about to catch him.  However, he will not run far.  He darts away so quickly once I believe I have caught him.

His behavior with the door fascinates me.  He has a warm, loving home.  Yet, he would love to be outside.  I began realizing that he loves his family; he just does not like the door.  The door limits his freedom.  When he can’t get out, he scratches at the door and cries.  He wants his freedom, but the door keeps him locked in. 

The door can actually represent the law.  As the door limits WD’s freedom, so does the law limit our freedom in Christ.  When WD is outside, he is free to run away, to go wherever he wants to and never come home.  However, the remarkable thing is that he does come home.  As much as the door (the law) is there, he places greater emphasis on the love he receives from my family (grace).

The same holds true for us in our walk with Jesus.  When we are set free from the law (the door), we can run wherever we want to and indulge in any type of sin.  However, once the pleasure of sin fades, we realize how far better is the grace and love of God in our life.  So we return home to Jesus.  He embraces us with open arms.

Another remarkable thing is that WD will often just sit at his master’s feet.  He loves his master so much that he prefers to be with him than to run away.

Again, the same is true for us.  That is why it is called the grace of God.  We love Jesus so much that it is easier to choose being in His company (grace) than running away (from the law into sin).  We prefer to sit at our Master’s feet and enjoy intimate fellowship with Him – just as Mary did in Luke 10:38-42.



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