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My Freedom And Victory (Thank You, Jesus)

During deep depression, God gave me  the revelation that I was living only ½ a gospel.  I thought salvation was “Jesus died for my sins.”  However, this is only ½ the full gospel.  The second ½ was my ignorance that I was “spiritually dead” from birth.  And a spiritually dead person needs spiritual life.  This is where the resurrection of Jesus comes in.

I thought the resurrection showed how Jesus conquered sin and reserved a place for me in heaven.  True this is.  But, what about daily living?  Yes!  This is the key that the majority of Christians miss.


In other words, I was attempting to live a life that only Jesus could live.  Why?  Because He is the Christian life (Colossians 3:1-4).

No wonder why I was so miserable.  No wonder my life was like a wilderness Christian.  I had the faith to get out of Egypt (through His death), but I did NOT have the faith to enter into His rest – for daily living (through His resurrection).

I know this is what is missing many a Christian life.  Jesus in the only one qualified to live the Christian life.  This is why we must permit Him to renew our mind so we see our true nature – HIMSELF.  Otherwise, we only struggle in the flesh.  We can do all the right things the Christian world says to do.  We can hear all the right messages.

Yet, we will continue to be wilderness Christians – walking around in circles – while God is only waiting with open arms for us to enter His rest.  We will answer every altar call with genuine repentance.

Yet, THERE IS NO POWER TO CHANGE.  Why?  Because only He can change us.  Therefore, we must focus on His life in us.  NOTHING ELSE!   BECAUSE ONLY HE WORKS – not Christianity.


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2 thoughts on “My Freedom And Victory (Thank You, Jesus)

  1. Jesus came to give abundant life…….
    how much time you take to understand it???
    i would like to invite you in
    thank u

  2. How did you take this head knowledge and have it become heart knowledge? This awareness of the second half of the gospel?


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