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Retreat From Normal Life (A Simple Perspective)

What many consider “normal life” is not normal at all.  Many picture normal as a home, a job, food, family, a dog, and minimal, controllable problems.  That is simply fantasy. Life is one big stressful adventure that some have learned to master and control.  For others, life has controlled them.  We each sort of create our own, unique normalcy.

The one factor that is missing from normal life is a relationship with God.  From God’s viewpoint, any life without a relationship with Him is abnormal.  This is what I want to address in this blog.

All Christians have recently been going through constant, daily trials.  I have noticed this has become increasing in the last few months.  For me, personally, it has been one of the deepest trials I have encountered in a good number of years.  Having come from a severe depression background, the symptoms of the old life of depression are trying to stigmatize me.  I admit they have overwhelmed me at times and gotten the better of me.

I do know when this occurs I always sense an urgency – to retreat to the cross.  A retreat is a restful time to ensure my relationship with Jesus stays top priority.  I come away in solitude with Jesus and enjoy fellowship with Him.  I want to ensure I hear His still, small voice in the midst of all this confusion.

The Holy Spirit has driven me every day into the Word of God.  Most days I have been spending a few hours just reading the Gospel of John.  I want to hear the Word of God from Jesus’ own lips.

CHRIST IN ME is Normal Life as a Christian.  Tremendous peace and security is overtaking me.  It’s all about relationship with Jesus.

How about you?  Do you want to ensure you hear directly from the lips of Jesus?

If intimate fellowship with Jesus is not your top priority, you are guaranteed to have your trials get the better of you.  They will control you.  I encourage you to seek God intimately and see CHRIST IN YOU as your Normal Christian Life.


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