Victory Over Depression Blog

(Healing & Victory Through Jesus Christ)

The Big Picture

As we grow more into God’s love, we begin to see His love far above and over our trials and sufferings.  It is not denying our trials, but only beginning to see them through God’s eyes – to bring Jesus into the center of them.

It is like viewing my hometown, New York City.  If I stand in Times Square, I only see Times Square.  I have no idea what is occurring elsewhere in New York City and its surrounding suburbs.  However, if I view New York City from an airplane as it circles to land at LaGuardia Airport, I view the entire New York City metropolitan area (not just Times Square).  I can view the “big picture.”

God views the “big picture” of our life.  He views tomorrow because He is already there.

For the trials that are over our heads are all under His feet.

When Jesus walked on the water, He was walking above our trials.  When Peter had his eyes on Jesus, he also walked with Jesus above his trials.  When Peter took his eyes off Jesus and put them on his trials (the storm and the turbulent waves), he sank and his trials became over his head. However, Jesus pulled Peter up when he cried out for help.

We are basically in the same situation as Peter.  Jesus will certainly pull us up when we cry out for help.

May we focus on Jesus in the midst of our storms.  For only HE is the ANSWER to our trials and only HE is our PEACE in the midst of our storms.  It is a peace to rest in His love.

There is a very deep joy when you experience Jesus in the midst of your trials, sufferings, and temptations.  Who wouldn’t want deep peace and joy in the midst of trials?

Yes, there is life in the midst of your trials and darkness.  The life is God’s life living and shining through your darkness.  It is His life planted in you and beginning to root deeper into you.  God continues to make these roots secure around your foundation – Jesus Christ, your Rock in the midst of your storms.


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