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Cheap Grace? (A Mockery For Even Considering)

Don’t get caught off guard by Christians who emphasize that less effort on your part to work for Jesus or to work out your own salvation will lead you to backslide.

They call it “cheap grace.”  They emphasize that, by abusing the grace of God, you will be using grace as a “license to sin.”

Think about it.

First, because of our sin nature we don’t need a license to sin; we sin quite easily without one.

Also, and more importantly, how can one dare call God’s grace “cheap?

Grace may be free to us, but grace cost our Savior His life.

How can His sacrifice ever be called “cheap?

Jesus’ sacrifice for our salvation can never be measured.

The cost of some things cannot be measured – not because they are free, but because THEY ARE PRICELESS.

So to call God’s grace “cheap” is to slap Jesus right in the face.  They are the ones abusing the grace of God. 



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