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The Ineffective Life Of Christ In You

No doubt about it, all born-again believers have Christ in them and are on their way to heaven.

However, the longer I deal with Christians the more I am convinced that the greatest problem we face today, is that believers do not know the Christ is in them. This does not mean they are not born-again, it simply means that the life of Christ in them is ineffective.

Christ is ineffective in believers if they do not know He is in them!

It is a dreadful and endless task for believers to attempt to do something that has already been done for them and has already been accepted by the Father.

What a dreadful thing to attempt to live a Christian life!  Why would I say this?

God never intended that any believer live the Christian life.

What our Father intended was for Christ to be in the believer as his only life.  That is Christianity.

Oh, the joy and peace that comes to every believer who knows that Christ is in him.

Oh, the joy of knowing that because Christ is in him, he too is the joy and gladness of our Father’s heart.

Without the God-given revelation of the Son in us, the words, “Christ in us,” are just that, just words, no reality there and no power. It is only when it pleases God (His timing) to reveal His Son living inside us that this truth becomes a reality to the degree that we walk in the good of it as a changed lifestyle. In fact, we walk in the good of it as a new creation person (2Cor.5:17).

By the grace of God, once we have had a revelation of the Person of Christ in us, and the power of belief to go with it, the truth of the Person in us will be a living reality.

– by Don Byrd (Christ Of No Effect)


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