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What Is Required For a Disciplined Life? (by Charles Stanley)

What is required for a disciplined life?

1. Have a definite goal or purpose.  Goals clarify what disciplines are needed for achievement.

2.  Detach from things that draw you away from your goals.  Sacrifice those desires that pull you off course. F or example, when Jesus decided to go to Samaria, He had to decline other opportunities (John 4:4).

3. Pursue your objectives with diligence.  Goals of great value demand perseverance.  Reflecting on their worth keeps us on course.

4. Be consistent. Discipline is ineffective if it is practiced one day and neglected the next.  But don’t let moments of failure defeat you. Instead, keep trying, and consistency will develop.

5. Say “NO” in the strength of the Holy Spirit.  Remember, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit (Christ in you) is available to empower you to be self-controlled.

– Life Principle Notes: Discipline Determines Destiny – Charles Stanley


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