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What Is The Burnt Out Christian Missing?

A more appropriate question is WHO IS MISSING?  The Who is NOT an It.

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ living in me,” should be one of the most frequently spoken statements from the lips of professing Christians.  Many Christians do not understand the riches found in this statement.  They know theologically what “Christ living in them” means, but lack the understanding to apply it to everyday life.  They love Jesus and do their best for Him.  Since their best for Jesus is usually not enough, their lives become lives of drudgery, boredom, and burnout.  Something is missing.

The something missing is not an “it.”  The something is a person – Jesus Christ.

Christ in you” is our hope of glory

Jesus Christ is the Christian life.

The burnt out Christian is saved, but lives as though he is still spiritually dead.  He lives like a dead corpse.  A dead corpse does not need help; a dead corpse needs life. 

He needs the life of Jesus living in him to live His life through him.

Only Jesus can.

Only Jesus is qualified to be the Christian.

The Christian is to be hidden with Christ in God.

He is to take off his “dead” grave clothes (like Lazarus) so Jesus in him can be seen as a shining beacon.

Burn Out shall then cease.


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